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In Education 11.18.2014

Course preview: Designing a Net Zero Energy Laboratory: J. Craig Venter Institute [video]

Education @USGBC is your go-to place for sustainability and green building education. Ready to take your knowledge to the next level? Check out the preview below of this month's featured course, courtesy of the San Diego chapter,   Designing a Net Zero Energy Laboratory: J. Craig Venter Institute. In this course you will take an in-depth look at the planning, design, engineering, and construction of the J. Craig Venter Institute, the first net zero energy laboratory in the United...

In Education 11.13.2014

Introducing USGBC Education Partner American Technical Publishers

USGBC Education Partners are leaders, trusted voices and reputable providers of green building and sustainability education. You can access their courses on Education @USGBC.  Meet our USGBC Education Partner American Technical Publishers If someone could only take one of your courses, what should they take? Our Pervious Concrete and Green Building course is an excellent example of presenting a real-world sustainable application with high-quality training material. The course was...

In International 11.12.2014

Two weeks in India with USGBC [Video]

We know that LEED is global: it is used in 150+ countries, and the international uptake of LEED is a key driver of rating system development and resources.  This past summer, I had the chance to see that global presence in action, and it put everything into perspective for me. Several of us at USGBC traveled to India for a three-city tour across New Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore, during which we met leaders from across India who use LEED on a regular basis. The trip underscored just how...

In LEED 11.12.2014

LEED in Motion: Retail — Kohl's spotlight

430+ LEED-certified stores Kohl’s is committed to being a leading environmentally responsible retailer. LEED is one way they put this commitment into practice. An active member of the U.S. Green Building Council since 2007, Kohl’s utilizes USGBC’s LEED rating systems to guide best practices in the design, construction and operations of more than 1,100 stores and corporate facilities. To date, Kohl’s has more than 430 LEED-certified locations, which amounts to 35,616,240...

In LEED 11.17.2014

LEED reviewer compass: Understanding the logic behind a review decision

Have you ever wondered what goes into a LEED certification review decision?  All reviewers work from the same set of principles, when applying the LEED requirements to a wide diversity of project types. Below are some things to keep in mind when preparing to submit your LEED project for review. Trust but verify: Reviewers trust that you are being honest about your achievements, but must also verify that the technical requirements have been understood and applied properly to your...

In International 11.13.2014

Can green building make Chinese cities more competitive?

This week’s historic climate change agreement between China and the United States provides the green building community with another excellent opportunity to evaluate our movement’s importance to China’s long-term economic and environmental forecast. The fact that LEED has already become a major driver of market transformation in China has been extensively documented in USGBC’s LEED in Motion: Greater China report published earlier this year, but this article focuses on...

In International 11.12.2014

Our top things to know about Greenbuild 2014 and beyond

Greenbuild 2014 has come and gone, and for those of you who were unable to attend we have created two "Top five" lists.   Top five things you should know about Greenbuild 2014 The LEED Dynamic Plaque collaborates with Honeywell: This game-changing technology is the future of green building. LEED International Roundtable grows to 37 members: India’s TERI; GBCs of Costa Rica, Trinidad and Tobago, Kazakhstan and Hungary; and Mexico’s SUMe join the movement. New LEED and...

In Center for Green Schools 11.12.2014

Learn how to make your school green at the Green Schools National Conference

Do you want to learn about creative strategies for success and to take home real-life tools that can transform schools? Attend the Green Schools National Conference to be a part of the largest gathering of K-12 green schools advocates in the nation. When: March4-7, 2015Where: Virginia Beach, VA Register As one of the largest green school gatherings in the nation, the annual Green Schools National Conference brings together up to 1,200 teachers, administrators and others committed to the...

In Community 11.14.2014

Seeing green: Creating captivating digital content to reduce your environmental impact

Just as architects and builders are moving toward more sustainable materials to create environmentally-friendly living and work spaces, graphic designers are progressively finding ways to make their work more impactful by hitting the triple bottom line. Printing with low-VOC or soy inks and choosing production vendors who use renewable energy are just a few of the many small changes that make a huge difference. Finding new ways to make compelling, purposeful and environmentally-conscious...

In Media 11.13.2014

New USGBC Survey: 87 Percent of Green Building Professionals in India Anticipate an...

According to a new survey released by USGBC, 87 percent of Indian green building professionals indicated that they anticipate the use of LEED in India to increase overall, with nine out of ten industry senior executives in India anticipating that their LEED-related work will increase over the next five years. The survey also found that more than two-thirds of respondents view LEED positively or very positively. Additionally, 70 percent of survey respondents say they are willing and able to...

In LEED 11.12.2014

Lighting your way to a more energy-efficient home

This article is the third installment in a series of tips and best practices for making your home more sustainable. Read the first article and the second article. Lighting your home accounts for roughly 5% of its total energy usage—for the average U.S. family, that equates to around $110 each year. Luckily, switching to energy-efficient lighting is one of the fastest and easiest ways to reduce your energy consumption and keep more of that money in your pocket.  Efficient lighting is...

In LEED 11.11.2014

LEED professionals at a glance: November 2014

LEED professionals distinguish themselves in the green building marketplace by earning one of six LEED professional credentials. Credential holders are recognized as leaders in the field and they contribute expertise to various industries and projects. Are you one of them? Don't have a credential yet? Learn more about how to become a LEED professional » Hover over the charts below for a dynamic experience.  

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