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In Advocacy and policy 11.11.2014

ASBC and USGBC: Catalyzing green buildings and a sustainable economy together

This is a guest post by the American Sustainable Business Council Over the past year, the American Sustainable Business Council (ASBC) and USGBC have worked together to advance the understanding and value of green buildings as well as the opportunity to build a more sustainable economy. Here are some of the highlights:  Louisiana Together, with our respective partners, ASBC’s member the Greater New Orleans Independent Business Alliance and USGBC’s Louisiana chapter,...

In Education 11.10.2014

Top 3 courses you need to take this month (November 2014)

Looking to grow your green building knowledge? Check out this month's top three courses. 1. EarthCraft Sustainable PreservationAn introduction to the EarthCraft Sustainable Preservation regional green building certification program for historic buildings. 2. Pursuit of Net Zero Energy: The Walgreens ExperienceJoin a team of experts who can get you up-to-speed on how to approach a net zero building project. 3. America’s oldest net positive home remodel – How did they do it?Imagine an...

In Media 11.6.2014

USGBC Announces the Addition of Six New Members to the LEED International Roundtable

Washington, D.C. – (Nov. 6, 2014) – USGBC announced today the addition of six new member organizations to its LEED International Roundtable, a team of practitioners, green building experts and organizations from around the world working toward increasing the global application and adoption of LEED.  The newest members include The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI) in India, the Costa Rica Green Building Council, the Trinidad and Tobago Green Building Council, the Kazakhstan...

In Industry 11.6.2014

Making the green choice when creating collateral

It’s a nasty habit we’re all trying to break. The paper habit, that is. We’re all looking to trim our consumption, both at home, and on the job. But in the marketing and communications world, sometimes it’s not that easy. We build websites and e-books, but sometimes the takeaway that makes the biggest impression is the one that comes printed on paper. USGBC has worked diligently to curb its use of paper, moving to digital distribution (like our web-based reference guide...

In LEED 11.10.2014

Selecting a LEED rating system but need help choosing? Discover LEED

Looking to pursue LEED certification but don’t know where to begin? Check out our new interactive Discover LEED experience to get started. Discover LEED is a fun new way to interact with LEED. Answer a few simple questions—like, “Is this a new or existing building?”—and Discover LEED does the rest. Don’t have a project but looking to learn about all of our rating systems? Click view all rating systems to review all of the offerings. There...

In Community 11.10.2014

It's time to reconsider how we talk about climate change

I can't remember the last time I went an entire day without hearing the words "climate change," "sustainability," or "going green." This goes back to well before I entered the world of USGBC—for years now, these terms have been sprinkled throughout newspapers, on the lips of nightly news anchors, and almost entirely integrated into mainstream conversation more generally.  Yet, despite over two decades of scientists, activists, economists, policy makers and now even the U.S. military...

In Education 11.6.2014

Get to know USGBC Pro Reviewer Heather Marquard

USGBC Pro Reviewers are experts in green building and sustainability who review courses on Education @USGBC. They provide detailed feedback to the course creators, as well as reviews on the course page. This feedback helps the course creators improve their education and helps other users decide whether or not the course is a good fit for them. Meet our USGBC Pro Reviewer Heather Marquard Who's your employer? Greenscape LLC and Paul Davis Partnership LLP What's your position? Architect...

In Industry 11.5.2014

LEED User Groups: Connecting with attendees at Greenbuild 2014

This year I spent much of my time at Greenbuild working with our LEED User Groups—and it was fantastic! In case you’re not familiar with the User Groups, they are collaborative peer networks with the common goal of working together and with USGBC to share best known practices for green buildings in their sector, to collaborate on how LEED can be more applicable to their use type, and lead the way for greater adoption and efficiency. The inaugural Group, the LEED User Group:...

In Center for Green Schools 11.10.2014

San Diego community teams up for third annual Green Apple moment

The San Diego Green Building Council (SDGBC) and Balfour Beatty Construction recently partnered with John J. Montgomery Elementary School in Chula Vista, CA, to host the 3rd annual Green Apple Day of Service.  On Saturday, Sept. 27, 2014, the school was abuzz as more than 75 volunteers, including students, came out to green the campus by performing service work and commencing a year-long Green Schools Challenge. Brian Cahill, Balfour Beatty's Southwest Division President said his team felt...

In Industry 11.7.2014

Residential demand response: Be green by saving green

“Do you want to have more food on your table? Get a programmable thermostat.” The students in the mentoring program laughed, thinking my comment must have been entirely facetious. To an extent, it was: some new techno-gadget is not going to make a meal appear at dinner. It might, however, help pay for some of it. Saving energy is a key tenet to sustainability. Despite this, there are over $130 billion in energy-conservation opportunities available to Americans each year. ...

In Industry 11.6.2014

USGBC Research: The Drive to Make Healthy Places Investable [Video]

The premiere health policy journal, Health Affairs, released a special issue this week focused on the intersection between community development and public health that was accompanied by a briefing at the National Press Club today. The issue compiles a range of articles focused on building healthy communities, measuring community health and collaborating for community health. USGBC Senior Research Fellow Matt Trowbridge* spearheaded an article that describes the need for the...

In Community 11.5.2014

2014 USGBC Leadership Awards round-up [Video]

At Greenbuild 2014, USGBC celebrated the recipients of the 2014 Leadership Awards, which are awarded to the individuals and groups at the forefront of sustainability in the built environment. Check out the videos of this year's leaders. 2014 USGBC Leadership Award: Tom Paladino  2014 USGBC Leadership Award recipient Tom Paladino, founder and CEO of Paladino and Company, is a nationally recognized leader in sustainability and an ardent advocate of proving the business case for green...

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