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In LEED 10.14.2014

Greenbuild 2014 session spotlight: Transforming Markets through Data Collaboration

Imagine being able to readily access and interpret human health and environmental attributes of any building product—ingredient lists, health and ecosystem hazards, life cycle data, assessments, and more. Making specification and purchasing decisions that prioritize health and benefit the environment would be a lot easier. Join us at Greenbuild 2014 for C15: Transforming Markets through Data Collaboration, a special USGBC Master Series session that will showcase innovative tools and...

In LEED 10.13.2014

Q&A: How I utilize the LEED Dynamic Plaque

You’ve got the visually pleasing LEED Dynamic Plaque, USGBC’s groundbreaking building performance platform, mounted on the wall of your LEED-certified building. Now what? USGBC’s Vice President of Finance and Administration Dave Witek has worked intimately with the LEED Dynamic Plaque since its release in 2013, working to maintain a competitive performance score at USGBC’s HQ on a daily basis. Below, Dave discusses how he utilizes this powerful platform to optimize...

In LEED 10.10.2014

Staying relevant with the LEED Dynamic Plaque

This is an article in praise of good design, better performance, and the best of innovation at USGBC. This is about the LEED Dynamic Plaque. Long before it was a twinkle in Scot Horst’s eye, there was the need for it. We knew that LEED must help projects transition from design to performance. We knew that we needed to identify, modify and simplify elements of the rating systems as well as the vast network of support architecture that had gotten LEED to its ubiquitous status. We knew our...

In LEED 10.9.2014

5 reasons it's worth it to become a LEED professional

As anyone who has attempted to negotiate our current economy can easily attest, this is a very difficult, and often times confusing, time period to embark on a professional career. Our economy is changing rapidly, and career paths that were available for generations are either disappearing, or are otherwise undergoing serious transformations based on the development of new technologies and the pressures ushered in by economic globalization.  There is one field, however, which is poised to...

In Media 10.14.2014

2014 Leadership Award recipients announced

Awards will be presented at the Greenbuild International Conference and Expo in New Orleans on Oct. 23, 2014 Washington, D.C. — (Oct. 14, 2014) — USGBC today announced the recipients of the 2014 Leadership Awards, which celebrate the individuals and groups at the forefront of sustainability in the built environment. “As the green building movement continues to grow throughout the world, it is even more important to recognize the leaders who set the bar for others and who...

In Industry 10.13.2014

The ROI on biophilic design patterns

Chances are, you enjoy a sunny spot at the windowsill, a crackling fire, a lush pocket garden, a richly patterned rug or a cascading water fountain. These might seem like indulgences; elements you desire but find no justification for purchasing for your office, demanding in your child’s school or expecting in your hospital room. However, growing evidence from psychology and neuroscience would challenge your quick dismissal. The practice of incorporating nature and natural elements into...

In Education 10.10.2014

Get to know USGBC Pro Reviewer Andres Schwarz

USGBC Pro Reviewers are experts in green building and sustainability who review courses on Education @USGBC. They provide detailed feedback to the course creators, as well as reviews on the course page. This feedback helps the course creators improve their education and helps other users decide whether or not the course is a good fit for them. Meet our USGBC Pro Reviewer Andres Schwarz Who's your employer? NRG-AR What's your position? Principal What's your favorite course that you've...

In Advocacy and policy 10.9.2014

Sustainability leadership: An interview with GSA’s Ruth Cox

Overseeing real estate, acquisition, and technology for the federal government is a lot of responsibility. That's the job of the U.S. General Services Administration (GSA). In fact, with oversight of nearly 10,000 federally-owned or leased buildings, a total of 300 million square feet of office space, GSA is the largest landlord in the nation. With cost-saving as a major priority, the leadership at GSA has helped usher in a new era of efficiency, innovation and performance. And...

In Greenbuild 10.14.2014

Kimberly-Clark Professional composting pilot grows from Greenbuild Expo tour

One of the highlights of Greenbuild is that it brings so many green building stakeholders together in one place. But the magnitude of opportunity can also be overwhelming when you look at the sheer size of the exhibition space with more than 700 companies represented in the expo hall. As I’m sure most Greenbuild veterans will tell you, the best approach is to enter the expo with a set of clearly defined goals and to target booths to visit where you might learn something new to help you...

In LEED 10.13.2014

Test drive the new LEED Online platform at Greenbuild 2014

The newest version of LEED Online was built to provide project teams with a faster, more streamlined experience. Join us at Greenbuild 2014 for a free interactive session where we’ll take a tour of the new system, show attendees how to register and work within a project, and also provide an opportunity for you to create their own test projects. To infinity and beyond: A tour of LEED Online and other project team support toolsFree interactive session at Greenbuild...

In Center for Green Schools 10.9.2014

Get in on the green schools action at Greenbuild 2014

Celebrating green building in New Orleans is like being in Memphis on Elvis’s birthday—and you can bet it will be just as big of a party. USGBC and the Center for Green Schools have been partnering with the city, its schools and its volunteers for years, and we can’t wait to celebrate all they've accomplished. From building tours, education sessions, networking in the expo hall, and every po’ boy in between, here are a few of the places you can catch...

In LEED 10.8.2014

Green tools for LEED users: Support options

We know that no two companies are the same, and each has its own unique culture, needs, goals and processes. With that in mind, we want to make LEED work for you. Whether you're connected to the project from the building owner/manger side or you're a green building service provider offering expertise that helps the project towards sustainability, we have an offering meant to help you enhance your business and help apply LEED efficiently. Support If you're looking for support with your LEED...

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