Entry Type ID Date Applicable Rating System Prerequisite/Credit Inquiry (LIs) Ruling (LIs) Related Addenda/LIs Related Resources Campus Applicable Internationally Applicable Country Applicability Reference Guide (Addenda) Page (Addenda) Location (Addenda) Description of Change (Addenda) "LEED Interpretation" "10249" "2012-10-01" "New Construction, Core and Shell, Hospitality - New Construction, Retail - Commercial Interiors, Existing Buildings" "Our project consists of a new hotel in its entirety. It is a stand-alone building with its own separate entrance, restrooms, lobby, and amenities. The owner is considering connecting the hotel to an existing casino, where smoking is allowed. The Supplemental Guidance to the LEED MPR specifically mentions casinos and EQp2, and indicates there will be no exceptions to this MPR to allow for partial building certification. We do not believe this applies to us since we are building a new stand-alone hotel in its entirety, not a partial building. EQp2 indicates that if there is a smoking room within a LEED building, it shall be operated under an average negative pressure of 5 Pa, etc. We are seeking clarification on whether or not it is acceptable to connect our new hotel to an existing building with smoking, and if yes, what rules need to be followed regarding the connection. If a connection to a smoking building is allowed, we would prohibit smoking in the existing building within 25 feet of the new hotel building entrance. If a connection to a smoking building is allowed, can it have an open area, in which we maintain a high air velocity to eliminate smoke migration between the two buildings? Or does it require doors between the two buildings and maintenance of 5 Pa of pressure similar to a smoking room?" "The applicant would like to confirm if a new hotel building pursuing LEED Certification can be connected to an existing casino that allows smoking. The project is a stand-alone hotel with its own separate entrance. The hotel project does not fall under the ""no exceptions"" for projects with IEQp2 conflicts found in the LEED 2009 MPR Supplemental Guidance as it is not an attempt to certify only a portion of the building, nor is it attempting to exclude a portion of the building from the LEED project boundary.It is acceptable to provide a connection between the new hotel building and the existing casino building, provided the applicable criteria for certifying Attached Buildings separately, from pages 14-17 of the LEED 2009 MPR Supplemental Guidance, revision 2, dated September 2011, are met. In addition, measures must be taken to ensure that Environmental Tobacco Smoke from the existing casino building does not enter the new hotel building. There must be self-closing doors and impermeable deck-to-deck partitions separating the hotel building from the casino. Furthermore, there must be an exhaust system sufficient to create a negative pressure differential between the hotel building and the casino building (or connecting corridor) of at least an average of 5 Pascals (Pa) and a minimum of 1 Pa when the doors between the hotel building and the casino are closed. Performance of the required air pressure differentials must be verified by conducting 15 minutes of measurement with a minimum of one measurement every 10 seconds. Note that we are essentially requiring isolation of the connected casino space with mechanical exhaust as if it were a designated smoking room with respect to the LEED-certifying building. Please refer to Option 2, Case 1, of IEQp2 for additional details on how to properly isolate, and verify the performance of, a designated smoking room. Smoking must also be prohibited within the existing casino building within 25ft of the connection to the LEED building. All other requirements of IEQp2 must also be met for the new hotel building pursuing LEED Certification. Applicable Internationally." "10225" "None" "X"