Entry Type ID Date Applicable Rating System Applicable Credit Inquiry (LIs) Ruling (LIs) Related Addenda/LIs Related Resources Campus Applicable Internationally Applicable Country Applicability Reference Guide (Addenda) Page (Addenda) Location (Addenda) Description of Change (Addenda) "LEED Interpretation" "10291" "2013-10-01" "New Construction, Core and Shell, Retail - New Construction, Healthcare" "EAp2 - Minimum energy performance" "For buildings with high unregulated energy loads, is it acceptable to show compliance with EA prerequisite: Minimum Energy Performance by considering the unregulated load separately from the ASHRAE 90.1 energy model?" "For buildings where unregulated loads account for more than 60% of project energy cost, the following alternative compliance path may be followed:\n 1. Create an energy model that includes all loads (regulated and unregulated), then remove the unregulated loads from the model through post-processing and demonstrate that the project meets the minimum performance required for EAp2.\n 2. Demonstrate that the proposed unregulated loads are 5% more efficient than the industry standard baseline or company average production efficiency using the one of the three ECM approaches outlined below.\n 3. In addition to the standard documentation required for EAp2, submit calculations showing energy model results with all loads (regulated and unregulated) included and all documentation necessary to demonstrate the 5% process energy improvement.\n\n This alternative compliance path can only be used to demonstrate compliance with the EAp2 Minimum Energy Performance requirement. Points for EAc1 must be determined with 100% of the unregulated load included in the energy model.\n\n Document ECMs using one of the following three methods:\n 1. For ECMs listed in the Interpretation database:\n - Calculate the annual energy cost savings using the procedure listed in the database\n - Enter the calculated savings into section 1.7 of the EAp2 form\n - Reference the LEED Interpretation number and upload the required documentation\n\n 2. For projects establishing a new baseline technology as the industry standard, submit exceptional calculations and at least one of the following:\n - List of three facilities built in the last five years that use the baseline technology\n - Current utility incentive programs for new construction that establish the baseline\n - Published studies justifying the baseline technology as standard practice\n\n 3. For projects with proprietary manufacturing processes, demonstrate that the production process is more efficient than the company’s average production efficiency:\n - Identify at least three facilities built in the last five years that manufacture the product\n - Calculate the process’ past average Energy Consumption Index (ECI) in units of energy per product manufactured to establish the baseline production efficiency\n - Provide the new process’ estimated ECI, anticipated production level, and an explanation of how these numbers were determined\n - Calculate the annual production process energy cost savings using the baseline ECI, proposed ECI, and anticipated production level" "10237, 2544, 2475, 2416, 1756" "None" "X" "X"