Entry Type ID Date Applicable Rating System Applicable Credit Inquiry (LIs) Ruling (LIs) Related Addenda/LIs Related Resources Campus Applicable Internationally Applicable Country Applicability Reference Guide (Addenda) Page (Addenda) Location (Addenda) Description of Change (Addenda) "LEED Interpretation" "3130" "2009-06-22" "New Construction" "SSc4.2 - Alternative transportation - bicycle storage and changing rooms" "Our project is a large destination resort, with hotel and timeshare components.\nWe are providing bicycle storage for 5% of the resort staff per the requirements of the credit. Our question relates to provision of bicycle storage for transient guests.\n- This resort is located on an island. 100% of the expected visitors will arrive at an international airport or cruise ship port 20 miles from the resort with the only roadway connection being a freeway. Because all guests will arrive on the island by air or ship, and because the only way to get from these arrival points to the resort is by way of a freeway, none of the guests will arrive on a bicycle.\n- This resort project is located in a 640-acre master planned resort community accessible to the rest of the island only by freeway. Within this resort community, there are other hotels and timeshare properties, a golf course, residences, retail and a marina. The owner anticipates that some guests will want to visit these adjacent amenities on foot or bicycle.\n\nPrevious CIR\'s have indicated that, for transient guests, there are situations in which the case can be made for adjustment of the solution when the transient guests are not expected to arrive by bicycle (NCv2.1 SSc4.2 CIR rulings 9/14/2006, 5/13/2007).\n\nIn light of the fact that the region does not provide a bicycle path opportunity between points of arrival and the resort, we propose to provide bicycle racks for guest use, equal to 1% of guests, for those who may travel with packed bikes and have a desire to explore the resort community.\n " "The project team is asking if modifying the bicycle parking requirements for transient occupants of a resort community is acceptable. Previous CIR rulings, including a CIR ruling dated 9/14/2006 is applicable to this project\'s situation. Based on the description above there are three types of occupants in this project - employees, residents, and transient guests. Per the ruling referenced, excluding a certain type of transient occupants from the required bicycle stall and shower calculations is permissible per previous v2.1 CIR Rulings dated 6/4/2003 and 8/7/2002 and a v2.2 CIR Ruling dated 1/23/09. Please include a short narrative indicating the number of visitors who have been excluded from these calculations and an explanation of why this type of visitor cannot reasonably be expected to arrive at this destination on or with a bicycle that would benefit from on site storage facilities. It is not acceptable to automatically exclude all transient visitors from these calculations as it is reasonable to expect that some of the visitors to the retail shops, gold course, marina, etc. could potentially arrive on a bicycle, therefore please be certain to include these areas, when appropriate, in the bicycle stall calculations. Please refer to the cited CIRs for guidance on how to calculate transient occupants. \n\nIn addition, covered bicycle parking for 15% of residents must be provided to comply with credit requirements for residential building. Bicycle parking for 5%, and shower/changing facilities for 0.5%, of employees must also be provided. Applicable Internationally. " "None" "None" "X"