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Pilot credits are the next big thing

The LEED Pilot Credit Library is a rating system development tool designed to test new and revised LEED credit language, alternative compliance paths, and new or innovative green building technologies and concepts.

The Pilot Credit Library is a feedback loop for both testing and comments. It allows project teams to test proposed rating system changes, establishes a forum for non-project teams to see and comment on potential requirement/credit changes and enables a substantially more dynamic LEED evolution and innovation process. USGBC collects, organizes and integrates project team feedback to evolve and refine pilot credits during their testing period, with a goal of adding successful credits to the USGBC member balloted LEED rating system.

USGBC member comments are central to the development of LEED rating systems.

USGBC periodically seeks comments on proposed drafts of LEED rating systems. Proposed new rating systems or significant revisions to existing ones are reviewed by USGBC, its technical advisory group, its board of directors and the LEED steering committee. Afterward, the new rating systems or revisions are opened for public review and comment. The final draft is delivered to USGBC members for a vote.

Propose a pilot credit

USGBC members can submit a proposal for a new pilot credit – these proposals are evaluated by LEED staff and committees for possible inclusion in the LEED Pilot Credit Library. (limit one proposal per member)

Propose a credit

Share your comments

Comments can be collected in a number of ways.


Through letters and emails

During public forums with senior LEED staff

View all pilot credits
Pursue a pilot credit

LEED project teams may pursue an unlimited number of pilot credits, however points awarded is limited by the number of Innovation credits available (up to 5 for LEED 2009 projects).

Register for credits
Pilot Credit Surveys

To go to the correct survey, choose the appropriate credit range:

Credits 1-14
Credits 15-27
Credits 28-42
Credits 43-56
Credits 57-67
Credits 68-82