Entry Type ID Date Applicable Rating System Primary Credit Inquiry (LIs) Ruling (LIs) Related Addenda/LIs Related Resources Campus Applicable Internationally Applicable Country Applicability Reference Guide (Addenda) Page (Addenda) Location (Addenda) Description of Change (Addenda) "Reference Guide Correction" "100000551" "2009-10-27" "Homes" "EAc4: Windows" "None" "None" "Homes, 2008 edition" "192" "Column 1, Calculations" "Everywhere it says ""18%"" or ""18"" change to ""0.18""" "Reference Guide Correction" "100000552" "2009-10-27" "Homes" "EAc4: Windows" "None" "None" "Homes, 2008 edition" "193" "Exemplary Performance" """No additional points are available for exemplary performance."" change to ""No additional points are available for exemplary performance. Projects that exceed the credit requirements are encouraged to use the performance pathway in EA 1.2.""" "LEED Interpretation" "1425" "2006-02-16" "Homes" "EAc4: Windows" "Can the NFRC rating be adjusted based on interior or exterior shading to get this credit?" "No. The requirements in EA 4 can only be achieved based on the NFRC rating of the windows. A project may be able to earn credit for shading in EA 1 through energy modeling. See EA 01-17 for more details. Applicable Internationally. " "None" "None" "X" "LEED Interpretation" "1659" "2007-01-01" "Homes" "EAc4: Windows" "If a home has different types of windows, can a weighted average be used to determine the overall performance for all windows (based on relative window area)?" "Yes, this is acceptable." "None" "None" "LEED Interpretation" "1674" "2007-02-02" "Homes" "EAc4: Windows" "How should custom windows be treated if they have no NFRC rating? " "Custom windows may be rated using Windows5 to produce reasonably accurate U and SHGC values, based on specific details of the window (e.g. glazing/framing ratio; specs for the glazing; framing material). The assessment must be done by a qualified professional. This approach only applies to custom windows. Applicable Internationally." "None" "None" "X" "LEED Interpretation" "5260" "2007-05-18" "Homes" "EAc4: Windows" "Can solar screens be used to meet the the window requirements in EA 4?" "Solar screens may be used to meet the prerequisite or credits if they are permanent and fixed to the home. Once NFRC has ratings for solar screens, these ratings should be used for calculating overall SHGC. Applicable Internationally. " "None" "None" "X" "LEED Interpretation" "5285" "2007-12-10" "Homes" "EAc4: Windows" "Is exemplary performance available for windows that exceed the performance specifications in ID 4.3?" "No. Projects with exceptional windows should use the performance pathway (EA 1) to earn extra credit. Applicable Internationally. " "None" "None" "X" "LEED Interpretation" "10353" "2014-01-01" "Homes" "EAc1 - Optimize energy performance" "Can projects use the NFRC's Component Modeling Approach methodology for verifying performance specifications for windows under EA4 and EA 1? CMAST is a software tool created by NFRC for custom commercial windows." "Fenestration used to satisfy LEED for Homes prerequisites and credits must meet the following condition: 1) the installed fenestration components correspond to approved components listed within the NFRC Component Modeling Approach Software Tool (“CMAST”) library; 2) the CMAST project developed for each home has been generated by an ACE (Approved Calculation Entity) Organization; and 3) the fenestration products for the home are included in a Project Label Certificate that has been approved and certified by an Independent Certification and Inspection Agency (“IA”) licensed by NFRC. \n\n Custom fenestration modeled using CMAST or LBL's WINDOW and THERM software - but not certified by NFRC - may be used for no more than 10% of the total window area in the home. This window area still must meet the performance requirements in LEED for Homes." "None" "None" "X" "LEED Interpretation" "10342" "2014-01-01" "Homes" "EAc4 - Windows " "The note for EA 4.1 is clear that if the WFA ratio exceeds 0.18, the window requirements (U-factor and SHGC) must be more stringent. Does this apply to EA 4.2 and 4.3 also - i.e. must a greater performance level be achieved if the WFA exceeds 0.18?" "Yes, if a home has a WFA of greater than 0.18, the requisite U-factor and SHGC for EA 4.2 and 4.3 is more stringent. Projects must use the adjustment in notes (c) and (d) in EA 4.1." "None" "None" "X"