Entry Type ID Date Applicable Rating System Primary Credit Inquiry (LIs) Ruling (LIs) Related Addenda/LIs Related Resources Campus Applicable Internationally Applicable Country Applicability Reference Guide (Addenda) Page (Addenda) Location (Addenda) Description of Change (Addenda) "Reference Guide Correction" "100000636" "2009-10-27" "Homes" "None" "None" "Homes, 2008 edition" "315" "Synergies and Tradeoffs" """A project pursing EQ 8.2 must meet all of the prerequisites in EQ 2-10."" [delete]" "Reference Guide Correction" "100000637" "2009-10-27" "Homes" "None" "None" "Homes, 2008 edition" "317" "Column 1" "[Add new paragraph just before the Calculations section]\n\n""This credit should not be awarded automatically to projects with nonducted systems. To earn this credit, projects with nonducted systems must submit a proposal to their Provider for submission to the USGBC. Within the proposal, the project must demonstrate an effort to reduce construction pollutant exposure to occupants. Examples include covering radiators or mini-split air handler units during construction, and implementing a thorough cleaning program of all equipment. ""\n" "Reference Guide Correction" "100000638" "2009-10-27" "Homes" "None" "None" "Homes, 2008 edition" "324" "Column 2" "[Add new paragraph just before the 4th paragraph that starts ""Best practice is to install...""]\n\n""Radon-resistant new construction requires the sub-slab pipe to be vented to the outside, either through the side wall or roof. It is not acceptable to cap the pipe inside the home.""\n" "LEED Interpretation" "10167" "2012-04-01" "Homes, Mid-rise" "Can IEQ credit 8.2 part (a) be awarded if 90% of the units in a multi-family building meet the requirements, if even if some units do not meet the credit requirements?" "This credit may only be awarded if all units in the multi-family building meet the credit requirements. Generally, all units must meet the requirements of any credit for it to be awarded - unless explicitly stated otherwise in a CIR or LEED for Homes guidance document. Updated 10/1/13 for rating system applicability. " "None" "None" "LEED Interpretation" "1671" "2007-02-01" "Homes, Mid-rise" "The home has 3 primary entryways and 3 porch glass doors. Are permanent walk-off mats required at every entryway, or just primary entryways?" "Permanent walk-off mats are only required for the primary entryways, but non-permanent walk-off mats are strongly recommended for other entryways. Updated 10/1/13 for rating system applicability. " "None" "None" "LEED Interpretation" "1775" "2007-05-17" "Homes, Mid-rise" "Can this credit be earned for homes with hydronic systems? Nonducted forced-air systems?" "This credit can be earned by all homes, according to the following conditions: 1) for homes with nonducted forced-air systems (e.g. mini-split, PTAC), the system must be sealed off during construction or installed after all construction work has been completed; 2) for homes with radiant systems located outside the living space (e.g. below-floor radiant heating), nothing additional is required. In all cases, any ductwork in the home must be sealed during construction (see EQ 08-11b).\n\nThis replaces an earlier ruling EQ 08-11a. Updated 10/1/13 for rating system applicability. " "None" "None" "LEED Interpretation" "1909" "2007-09-19" "Homes, Mid-rise" "Can a multi-family project earn the point for walk-off mats if mats are only used at the entrance and exit of the building, not each unit?" "Yes, under the following conditions: the building is designed such that every resident uses the walk-off mats (there are a small number of entryways); and the mat is 6 feet long in the direction of travel. If there are additional entryways to the units, these must also have walk-off mats. Updated 10/1/13 for rating system applicability. " "None" "None" "LEED Interpretation" "2063" "2008-04-14" "Homes" "Does a mud room off the garage count for this credit regarding shoe removal and storage? Can the garage door be defined as the primary entryway, or is it only the front door?" "The mud room does not need to be located off the front door, but it must be located near a primary entryway. If the garage entry is expected to be a common point of entry for occupants, it\'s acceptable to have the mud room located near that entry. Judging whether an entry will be commonly used is left to the discretion of the Provider and/or Green Rater." "None" "None" "LEED Interpretation" "2165" "2008-06-10" "Homes" "For pre-occupancy flush, how does this credit apply for a home that is constructed and pre-finished off-site. The home in Unity, ME is being built with exterior panelized walls, interior wall systems, flooring systems, roof trusses and internal trim packages constructed off-site at the Bensonwoord Homes facility in Walpole, NH. All of the construction systems will be pre-finished at Bensonwood before delivery and assembly in Unity. All of the off gassing from the pre-finished materials will have already occurred when the home is assemble in Maine and there will be no need for a pre-occupancy flush. Can the home qualify for this credit using Bensonwood\'s in-house pre-finishing protocol? If not, how can this credit be achieved?" "Even in homes where most of the components of the home are constructed off-site, there is still value in conducting a flush on-site. Adhesives, sealants, paints, coatings, etc. will still be used in the finishing of the home, and these will offgas into the home. The flush should be conducted once the home is completed on the site, using the protocol laid out in the balloted version of the Rating System under EQ 8.3." "None" "None" "LEED Interpretation" "2653" "2009-09-15" "Homes, Mid-rise" "Can part (a) bet satisfied if the walk-off mat is 4-feet wide? Is there a requirement related to the direction of the mat?" "Walk-off mats must be at least 4-feet long in the primary direction of travel to satisfy the requirements of EQ 8.2, part (a). Updated 10/1/13 for rating system applicability. " "None" "None" "X" "LEED Interpretation" "2654" "2009-09-15" "Homes" "For part (a), does the walk-off mat need to be outside the home/unit, or is it acceptable if it\'s inside?" "Walk-off mats may be located inside or outside of the home, as long as all requirements are met. If walk-off mats are located inside the home, projects are recommended (not required) to install them as part of a mud room or other space that is separated from the primary living area of the home.\n" "None" "None" "LEED Interpretation" "2801" "2010-05-18" "Homes, Mid-rise" "Part (b) states that the shoe removal and storage space must be ""separated from the living area"". Does this mean that there must be a separate room or nook for the shoe removal and storage space? Does the requirement include a door between the space and the living area, or just a physical separation?" "This credit should only be awarded to homes with a designed space that could serve as a shoe removal area - either a mudroom space or nook near the primary entryway. This space does not need to be separated from the living space by a door, but it should be separated by some architectural feature. Having open space inside the front door is not sufficient. Updated 10/1/13 for rating system applicability. " "None" "None" "LEED Interpretation" "2805" "2010-06-07" "Homes, Mid-rise" "Does this apply to ventilation ductwork, as well as heating and cooling ductwork?" "Yes, this credit applies to all ductwork in the house, including bathroom and kitchen exhaust, whole-house ventilation, heating and cooling distribution, etc. Updated 10/1/13 for rating system applicability. " "None" "None" "LEED Interpretation" "10281" "2013-04-01" "Homes, Mid-rise" "Is carpet tile considered an acceptable entryway system?" "Projects that install carpet tiles may earn one point in EQ 8.2 a) so long as they are specifically designed for entryway systems or similar use, have the performance attributes equivalent to other acceptable entryway systems: designed to withstand heavy traffic, have solid backings and are appropriate for the project’s climate, have high-void-volume and high fiber height, an electrostatic propensity that is less than 2.5 kV, and are regularly maintained and consider carpet tiles as water resistant flooring in entryways called out in ID 2.1. Updated 10/1/13 for rating system applicability. " "10282" "None" "X"