Entry Type ID Date Applicable Rating System Primary Credit Inquiry (LIs) Ruling (LIs) Related Addenda/LIs Related Resources Campus Applicable Internationally Applicable Country Applicability Reference Guide (Addenda) Page (Addenda) Location (Addenda) Description of Change (Addenda) "LEED Interpretation" "2294" "2008-10-24" "Existing Buildings" "Our project is registered under LEED EB 2.0. The project is an existing building of approximately 120,000 square feet of which 100,000 square feet is general office space and 20,000 square feet is manufacturing and warehouse. For the purposes of certification we are only attempting to certify the office portion of the building. Within EAc5.1-5.3, there are three actions that deal with sub-metering process utility usage: - Separate building electrical meters that allow aggregation of all process electrical loads; - Separate building natural gas loads that allow aggregation of all process natural gas loads; - Separate meters that allow aggregation of all indoor process water use. Because we are attempting to certify only the office portion of the facility, we will include sub-meters that track all utility usage of the manufacturing area. This will allow for true tracking of actual utility use in the office area, by subtracting the sub-metered data from the overall building meter data. We would like to know if this sub-metering of the manufacturing area would allow us to capture the three credits noted above. We believe that the manufacturing area comprises all process loads as noted, but also realize that the manufacturing area is, technically, outside the scope of the certification. Nevertheless, the sub-metering will take place, and will give the owner accurate and on-going performance data which is the goal of the credit." "Under LEED-EBv2.0, the entire building, including manufacturing and warehouse spaces, must be included in and addressed by the certification application. Therefore, submetering of the manufacturing and warehouse spaces would address the requirements of EAc5. Applicable Internationally. " "None" "None" "X"