Entry Type ID Date Applicable Rating System Primary Credit Inquiry (LIs) Ruling (LIs) Related Addenda/LIs Related Resources Campus Applicable Internationally Applicable Country Applicability Reference Guide (Addenda) Page (Addenda) Location (Addenda) Description of Change (Addenda) "Form Update" "5000016" "2014-10-01" "New Construction, Core and Shell, Schools - New Construction, Retail - New Construction, Healthcare, Data centers - New Construction, Hospitality - New Construction, Warehouse and distribution centers - New Construction, Commercial Interiors, Retail - Commercial Interiors, Hospitality - Commercial Interiors, Existing Buildings, Schools - Existing Buildings, Retail - Existing Buildings, Data centers - Existing Buildings, Hospitality - Existing Buildings, Warehouse and distribution centers - Existing Buildings, Neighborhood Development plan, Neighborhood Development" "WEc2 - Indoor water use reduction" "None" "Indoor Water Use Calculator" "X" "Fixed errors in previous version including uses per day calculation. Added override functions for special circumstances, modified built-in dual flush calculator, added custom naming of tabs and streamlined output fields Added Neighborhood Development calculations"