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TUFFSEAL is a Portland-based Polymer Micro-Overlay (PMO) which is primarily used as a pavement preservation material. As a polymer-modified Portland cement composition, this durable material creates an exceptional bond to asphalt, concrete and metal. TUFFSEAL preserves asphaltic pavement by shielding it from the deteriorating effects of the environment, chemicals, fuels and traffic. It also restores spalled and damaged concrete pavement to an attractive, smooth running course. TUFFSEAL and TUFFSEAL-related products can be customized to integrate color in the material and provide high friction numbers, so they are also valuable where safety and esthetics are a factor.

TUFFSEAL in Solar Reflective Gray with a SRI of 39 exceeds the minimum SRI of 29 established by LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) as a paving material that meets the LEED performance criteria and can contribute toward earning points needed for LEED certification under SS Credit 7.1: Heat Island Effect-Non Roof.
Benefits of utilizing cool pavement strategies such as TUFFSEAL are compelling. In the work, Energy Saving Potentials and Air Quality Benefits of Urban Heat Island Mitigation, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory states that summer heat islands not only increase system-wide energy demands, they also increase smog production due to higher metropolitan ambient temperatures. It further states, “Smog is created by photo-chemical reactions of pollutants in the air, and these reactions are more likely to intensify at higher temperatures.” In addition to the advantage that cooler temperatures can have on preventing smog formation, there is a growing body of extensive research worldwide indicating a component in TUFFSEAL Solar Reflective Gray actually functions as a photocatalyst to oxidize NOx and VOCs from the air and convert them to compounds with little or no environmental consequence. See our website for more information.

April 5, 2013 - April 5, 2014