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Proper energy engineering is a science, not guesswork, because while almost every building can benefit from energy optimization; there are exceptions. There are lots of elements in creating any building and even more in green, sustainable building. The Cotocon Group has the broad and seasoned expertise to negotiate and work with every element and take a building all the way to sustainability, whether it’s a newly constructed building or a building to be renovated and retrofitted to green standards.

A green, energy-efficient building is less expensive to operate than an otherwise comparable building, which makes it a more valuable building. Also, a green building is more attractive to tenants, who stay longer, and are willing to pay a premium for a green space.
To make it financial easier to create a green building there is lots of money now available for both new green construction and green renovations and retrofits. This money comes from utilities, authorities, and state, local and federal government in the form of direct incentives, cash rebates, and tax benefits.
The Cotocon Group’s goal is to help you receive the maximum amount possible of those incentives and benefits. Cotocon works closely with area utilities and authorities, such as ConEd, LIPA, NYSERDA, who provide direct financial incentives for renewable energy and energy efficiency measures and also with tax experts who specialize in the significant tax benefits available for energy-efficient construction and renovation.

April 18, 2013 - Present