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EAN Technology considers sustainability in all areas of architecture, civil, urban and ecology. All of our efforts are driven with the purpose to improve environmental quality and reduce energy consumption and carbon emission by improving ‘environmental performance’ of thermal comfort, lighting environment, air quality, noise quality, energy consumption and circulation, ecological environment and physiological environment.

EAN Technology is a Korea’s leading consulting firm which provides
outstanding services to help shape the nation’s architectural, urban
planning, civil, ecological field be more environmentally conscious. EAN
Technology always exceeds the industry’s expectations and the obvious
evident is possession of a new technology venture company certification and
hundreds of projects we have handled.
As a leading firm, EAN Technology has in-depth knowledge and experience in
sustainable and energy saving building technologies and certifications. Our
goal is to help our client achieve their desired results to make their
company be more environmentally conscious thus make their firm more
marketable and desirable by their clients. All the staff at EAN Technology
put their best efforts with a strong commitment to serve our clients to allow
embodiment of sustainable architectural practices happen together.

May 17, 2008 - Present