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Geraldine School

Member since 2014

Box 347 238 Brewster st.
Geraldine, MT 59446
(406) 737-4371

Geraldine public schools will provide a quality education for all students by focusing on student needs.achieved by offering strong instruction coinciding with high expectations. Research-based instruction will guide curriculum and give students and teachers access to cutting edge information, skills, and tech.. By holding students accountable for putting forth their best effort and becoming responsible for their own learning and success, students will learn life-long skills and develop work ethics that will prepare them for all future endeavors,m becoming positive contributors to a global society........

We are a k-12 school centrally located in the middle of wheat country (the golden triangle) Montana. Built in 1974 with very little consideration towards green. Attendance is about 100 students, and maybe 15 teachers, plus maybe 8 classified and one superintendent. The community is very generous with there time and money although there really never is enough of either. Happy little community, but I don't think that green is really on anybody's minds just yet. This is Montana and green just hasn't really made it here yet, but we want to try.

February 4, 2014 - Present