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We design, educate and Build in Nature's Image, using a uniquely adaptable doer's framework of biomimicry, resilience science and building science. In all decisions, we deliberate for the Seventh Generation to follow.

We design, teach, and Build in Nature’s Image™ making use of our deep experience in the design sciences of biomimicry, resilience science & theory, and building science. We support complex and strategic sustainability initiatives. Innovative scientific ecological knowledge (SEK) and the adaptive memory and wisdom of traditional ecological knowledge (TEK) inspire our work.
Our homes and cities are part of nature. To recognize that we and what we build, collectively, are key elements of living systems is to accept certain irrevocable, absolute and non-negotiable laws, codes and standards apply to all that we design and build. Deeper than human building codes are absolute laws relating to energy, survival and health, and our adaptive capacity and well-being and that of our children.
These inviolate laws can be expressed in science-based ways or as traditional adaptive wisdom. Ultimately, our process of design support, construction, teaching and support of strategic and complex sustainability initiatives is a deliberation for the Seventh Generation to follow.

December 31, 2001 - Present