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Gerrit Reinders

  • AP-Homes Certified

Gerrit Reinders is running for the Technology seat on the 2016 USGBC Advisory Council.

Candidate interview

Please describe your role as an entrepreneur or developer of technology or technologies (single or multiple) that aim to improve building performance.

Telkonet is a small US based manufacturer with about 110 employees and a very entrepreneurial culture. We are experiencing great success upgrading WiFi systems at hotels and installing energy management systems for spaces with intermittent occupancy patterns, such as commonly found in hotels, residence halls (dorms, barracks, etc.), senior living as well as public housing and multiple dwelling units. We control the HVAC, Lighting and Plug-Loads to save energy when the space is vacant, which for hotels is about 60% of a typical day.

We expect to grow that by over 20% in 2015 – driven mostly by fellow employees who are encouraged to think independently and help us grow to a $50 million business in the next few years. It will be a challenge, but we will do it.

Why? Large available market — fewer than 20% of buildings in our target markets have a technology like ours.

Please demonstrate your three or more years’ experience with integrating an innovative or new application technology into the residential or commercial building market.

The Energy Management System described before has the ability to participate in Demand Response programs by taking advantage of the fact that the spaces we control are typically not occupied during the very parts of the day that power is at its most valuable – during peak demand periods. Guests are typically not in their hotel room from 9:00 AM to about 6:00 PM – technology like ours would allow those hotel owners to release capacity into the electricity grid by making adjustments to the energy consuming equipment in the unoccupied rooms.

The data collected by our sensors and controllers also allows other technologies to communicate over the same network, allowing hotels the ability to install additional technologies to save even more energy. It’s the best of all worlds, conserve energy and harvest all the associated savings, without compromising the all-important guest experience.

Please demonstrate through examples your involvement with developing and promoting new technologies to improve building performance and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

While at Johnson Controls I represented our involvement with the EPA Climate Leaders, which involved developing a Carbon Footprint on global basis and submitting GHG information for the annual sustainability report.

I developed and commercialized a patent pending software application to develop an entity-wide GHG emissions footprint inventory and GHG management solution characterized with a 100% accurate and reliable data acquisition process. The solution was sold to corporate clients with multiple locations who needed an automated method to collect, manage and report their GHG information. After baselining and creating Carbon footprints for these clients we would develop action plans to reduce GHGs of all sources and then provide the implementation of those plans.

I also did lots of work on growing adoption of renewable energy sources such as PV, Wind, Biomass, and Landfill Gas Waste to Energy solutions for Corporate, Military and Institutional clients around the world.

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