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Jeffrey Hamburg

Generally issued in a capital increase, the Good of dilution or jeffrey hamburg is a financial security. It allows you to subscribe to one share for a limited period, and at a price fixed in advance. jeffrey hamburg corresponds to an option to purchase existing shares or, more often, to be issued. In the latter case, there will be, in case of subscription, a dilutive effect with mechanical lower net earnings per share as well as a strengthening of capital because of the contribution in cash .

The holder of the warrants will exercise its right if there is advantage but is not obliged to do so. During the subscription period, the jeffrey hamburg
is subject to a market with a price that depends on the evolution of the share price, the life of the good and the volatility of the stock. Note that for jeffrey hamburg, unlike the warrants, there is no market maker.

Speculatively, the jeffrey hamburg allows betting on rising underlying security without having to spend the same amount of capital that directly buying value. The risk is high because it is identical to that of a warrant.
2.3Les indexes

An index used to assess the state of the market through a sample of representative values. It is also an effective tool for comparing and evaluating the performance of its own portfolio. Each stock exchange has its indices. jeffrey hamburg The most famous of them is the CAC 40: we find, among others, Accor, LVMH, France Telecom and Alcatel- Lucent.
An index may contain a greater or lesser number of values. To complete the CAC40 index, other indices were created as SBF 120 and CAC All-Tradable. Their operation can be assimilated to Russian dolls : the higher the number, the higher the index is representative of the performance of the market as a whole. Thus, the SBF 120 is wider and more diverse than the CAC40 .

The CAC 40 is the benchmark of the Paris Bourse. Its base was set at 1000 December 31, 1987. It is calculated every 30 seconds from a basket of 40 stocks listed on the Premier Marché and chosen for their representativeness and their importance in the institutional and retail portfolios. The weight of each stock in the index is weighted according to the importance of its capitalization. This index represents 75% of the transactions of the Paris Bourse. jeffrey hamburg The larger the company, the greater the change has an influence on the index. So the CAC40 is a good barometer of changing French actions.