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Neil Rosen AIA is running for the Environmental Nonprofit Advocate seat on the 2015 Board of Directors.

Candidate interview

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Please describe your demonstrated understanding of green building issues and topics in your local area or region.

Unquestionably, the most critical green building issue affecting our local region is that of water. The catchment area of our local chapter exists on an island that receives its potable water through an aquifer system. The aquifer system is in jeopardy from a number of factors including salt infiltration, septic systems and pesticide contamination. Understanding the fragile nature of our water system and the hazards impacting it, great strides can be made to ensure a sustainable water management system for the entire island. Working closely with the USGBC as the Chairman of the Water Efficiency Technical Advisory Group, I have had a unique opportunity to effectuate change within the rating systems, which will ultimately trickle down to our local constituents.

Do you have at least five years of executive-level experience within an environmental non-profit organization, and have you led outreach and advocacy campaigns at the federal, state, or local level?

I have been in the employ of the North Shore LIJ Health System for approximately 9 years in an executive level position. The Health System is ideally situated as a leader within our community as well as at the federal, state levels, to be a leading environmental steward and advocate. The employees of the Health System possess a unique understanding by of the interrelationship between environmental impacts and human health. This knowledge drives our outreach efforts, medical research and advocacy efforts. Heading the System’s corporate sustainability efforts, I have worked with other local advocacy groups, political leaders and universities to help to ensure the maintenance of the local eco-systems within which we live, work and play.

Please briefly describe how your current employer's mission is and has been aligned with the work of USGBC for the last three to five years.

The Mission of The North Shore LIJ Health System aligns well with that of the USGBC. There is an innate understanding of the correlation between the Health of the Environment and the Health of our Patient Population. The Health System is committed to Wellness and their efforts in promoting Environmental Stewardship exemplify their Leadership in this area. Through a Memorandum of Understanding, North Shore LIJ has voluntarily committed to the USEPA to be in the forefront of the Sustainability movement throughout the 5 year term of the agreement. The Health System has further committed to extending this agreement for an additional 5 year term.

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