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LEED ID+C: Commercial Interiors v3 - LEED 2009

Catlin London

20 Gracechurch Street
London, EC3V0BG
United Kingdom

LEED Silver 2013

The tangible, understandable concepts involved in LEED have facilitated behavioral change across the company, laying the foundation for Catlin’s leadership in environmental performance through creating a space that enhances staff engagement, productivity and operational efficiency.

As an international specialist in property insurance, Catlin recognizes the importance of office selection, design and construction in minimizing its environmental impact and improving its global environmental performance. A recent office move provided the perfect opportunity to meet evolving business needs while actively demonstrating Catlin’s commitment to promoting a healthy, sustainable work environment.

When Catlin decided to relocate its largest office in the City of London, selecting a building with the potential to reduce the company’s impact on the planet and also reduce the cost of its operations were both top priorities. Particularly conscious of the potential for waste, the refurbishment project diverted approximately 92% of the on-site generated construction waste to landfill. The LEED process has also led to reduced office waste and energy consumption now that the office is occupied. The recycling facilities and initiatives set up during the refurbishment have resulted in an 18% decrease in overall waste production, 92% reduction in waste sent to landfill and 62% increase in recycling and composting.

Moving into a new office and pursuing LEED certification of the space enabled Catlin to reduce its emissions per square meter by 27% compared to its previous main London office. The energy meters installed during the refurbishment have also enabled greater accuracy in the measurement of Catlin’s emissions reductions, which has driven the development of new corporate environmental targets being implemented worldwide.

Upholding Catlin’s belief in entrepreneurship and doing business ‘the right way’ was crucial in creating a vibrant, healthy and light workplace. During the design and refurbishment of the office, special care was taken to select low-emitting and locally sourced construction materials and enhance airflow and light. Through this process, Catlin has created an attractive, open plan office that encourages collaboration and innovation.

The new office on Gracechurch Street consists of 136,400 square feet located across 8 floors in a multi-tenanted building and holds approximately 1100 employees. This Catlin LEED Silver office has clear environmental and social benefits that have inspired the Catlin team to pursue LEED certification in many more locations out of its 50 offices worldwide. The Gracechurch Street LEED certification has laid the foundation for Catlin’s leadership in environmental performance through creating a space that enhances staff engagement, productivity and operational efficiency.

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Project details
136,400 sf
Commercial Office
Urban Core
30 Dec 2013