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LEED BD+C: New Construction v3 - LEED 2009


Circuito El Marques Sur Mz 4 Lote 1 Carr. Mexico- Qro
Parque Industrial El Marques, 76246

Last certified on: Mar 02, 2015
(Awaiting performance data)

CIINOVA is a facility for innovation, technological development and research in the construction industry and integration of modern building systems and sustainable processes.

The CIINOVA facilities are featured with unique systems of its kind, which include the latest technologies, the integration of materials, elements and cutting-edge building systems. This facility has the highest LEED certification level in Latin America as of March 2015, making it a role model to follow in the country. In other words, the facility is a display case of technological advances in all sectors.
During schematic design the project team consisting of owner, architect, engineers, green building consultant and other specialties, set out with these key concepts of sustainability that were incorporated early in the design of the project.
Renewable Energy Sources
The project incorporates the installation of photovoltaics on the roof of the exhibition hall.
Water Efficiency
100% of the waste and gray water treated to tertiary standards and reused for WC flushing and irrigation. A solar hot water panel is installed on the Auditorium and Innovation Workshop.
Natural Daylight
Important to the well-being and health of factory workers, the building was designed with large glazing areas to bring in as much natural daylight and reduction in energy use as possible.  Daylight was maximized on the north side of the building. Other day lighting strategies have been implemented in the project such as photosensors and multi-voltage ballasts that will improve energy performance.
Indoor Air Quality
In Section A, the Auditorium and Innovation Workshop, a package system provides conditioned air to the Auditorium. The snack and lobby area are mechanically conditioned with a fan & coil unit and injection fans providing make-up air.
In Section B, Classroom and Online Training, and Section C, Commerce and Business, the same HVAC strategy has been selected for both sections B and C. These systems are not shared nor connected. A fan located on the roof provides make-up air to the different plenums. A constant volume Dx-AHU is installed in each floor to draw conditioned air. Motorized air dampers connected to thermostats are installed to control space temperature.
In Section D, the Laboratory of Technology, Creativity and Design, the classrooms located on the first floor are conditioned with mini-splits and ventilated with fans. In the Section E. Lobby, the lobby is ventilated with a Big Ass Fan located on the roof.
Photovoltaic System
There is a photovoltaic system with a total capacity of 80 kW installed in the rooftop of section D. Another system with a capacity of 14.4 kW installed in the parking and another one of 2.56 kW installed in the south facade of one of the buildings. The total capacity of the 3 systems corresponds to 96.96 kW.

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Project details
54,788 sf
2 Mar 2015
Data Reporting
Energy Update
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