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LEED ID+C: Commercial Interiors v4 - LEED v4

Glumac Shanghai Office TI

753 Yuyuan Road
Shanghai, 31 200030
Last certified on: May 24, 2015
Certification level: Platinum

Committed to green buildings that work, Glumac designed the systems of our Shanghai office space to LEED Platinum CI v4 standards and full-petal Living Building Certification (LBC), making it the first Net-Zero Energy, Water and Carbon project in Asia to achieve the highest sustainability standards.

In the heart of Shanghai, the 6,450-square-foot office space is a retrofit of a 100-year-old Rockefeller mansion. The team worked to overcome many challenges specific to the
project’s location: poor air quality, fractured regulatory landscape, un-regulated building materials, different time-zones, and cultural communication.

Despite these cross-cultural and geographic challenges, teams worked together and completed design and construction within nine months. The project targets LBC completion in 2016 with net-zero energy, net-zero water and materials and with occupant health and biophilic beauty at the center of its design.

In China’s fast-paced and fractured economic landscape, these are challenges of the highest order. The new office will support Glumac’s local presence in China and will showcase to the world that the most advanced measure of sustainability in the built environment took its first step into Asia.

Notable features include:

  • Renovation of spaces in a historic building with minimum environmental impact.
  • 63 percent of water reduction from baseline through innovative low-flow fixtures
  • Achieving Net positive water by harvesting and recycling 132,086 gallons (500 m³) rainwater each year, consuming only 52,834 gallons (200 m³)
  • Applying specialized task-ambient lighting fixtures with multiple controls to achieve 2.5 W/m2 light power density.
  • Radiant floor system for heating and cooling incorporate with dehumidification unit to create comfortable indoor environment yet reducing heating & cooling load.
  • Energy reduction by 50 percent compared to ASHARE standard 2010 (85,000 kWh).
  • Achieving Net-positive energy, PV produces 53,000 kWh, the space consumes less than 40,000 kwh per year.
  • Indoor Air Quality control, PM2.5: less than 30 μg/m³ even when outside is above 300, VOC, Humidity, CO2 levels are all indicating good and healthy.
  • Healthy material selection, zero hazardous chemicals (summarized as the Red List) is throughout the space.
  • Responsible industry & appropriate sourcing, local manufactured, recycled & salvaged material that reduce the damaging environmental and social impacts.
  • Achieving zero carbon footprint by offsetting 100 percent of the embedded carbon in the project.
  • Biophilia, design a natural surrounding will in turn help people to sustain and love life and work.

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Project details
7,211 sf
24 May 2015
Data Reporting
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