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LEED ND: Plan v3 - LEED 2009

The Shipyard/Candlestick Point

101 Donahue Street
San Francisco, CA 94124
United States
Last certified on: Jun 29, 2012
Certification level: Gold

The proposed redevelopment of The Shipyard-Candlestick Point is another reflection of the environmental leadership displayed by San Franciscans. It offers a model to other cities about how to build for the 21st century and beyond. We have been proud to work with the City of San Francisco, our partners and the community to shape a new future for this site.

Once a US Navy shipyard, the Hunters Point Shipyard neighborhood was left largely vacant after the Navy left in 1974. The City of San Francisco decided to revitalize the Shipyard, planning to redevelop the area with housing, retail, commercial, cultural and educational uses. Plans were already developed when the San Francisco 49ers decided to relocate to a new stadium in Santa Clara, freeing additional land in Candlestick Point that was previously dedicated to the stadium and surface parking. The City wanted to ensure that planning for both The Shipyard and Candlestick Point were integrated and asked the Shipyard development team to expand their scope of work to include plans for Candlestick Point. This opportunity resulted in a plan that includes housing, retail and a substantively improved regional park that complement the Shipyard.

Strategies and resources

Sustainability at the Shipyard springs from a deep need and strong commitment to achieving tremendous progress in environmental stewardship, social equity and community benefit, and economic vitality of the region. It is in the balanced approach to these three pillars of sustainability that the community will build on its strengths to create a new and thriving mixed-use neighborhood that is vital, accessible and integrated into the Bayview Hunters Point community and the City and County of San Francisco.

The master plan consists of approximately 775 developable acres that include: entitlements for 12,000 homes; 326 acres of parks and open space; 3,150,000 square feet of R&D/office space; 885,000 square feet of retail; 100,000 square feet of community facilities and a 10,000 seat performance venue.

LEED for Neighborhood Development (LEED-ND) certification was a commitment made to the City in the project’s sustainability plan during the initial project approvals. The developers and City understood that LEED -ND certification not only made environmental sense, but that it would translate to economic sense. The Shipyard project is committed to energy savings that are 15% greater than the 2008 Title 24 requirements. Plans include installing Energy Star appliances in all housing and using solar energy and LED street lights. The project is also committed to providing solar-ready rooftops.

Reclaimed water will be reused by installing ‘purple pipe’ throughout the neighborhood to be connected to the city’s recycled water system. Intended mainly for irrigation, this could potentially be extended to indoor uses such as toilet flushing. The project will also treat average rainfalls in an on-site facility.

To reduce traffic and improve efficiency, an underground automatic waste collection system is being explored with the city’s waste removal company. This system would virtually eliminate garbage truck traffic, siphoning it to the two to three waste collection stations.

The new community has been internationally recognized for its environmental potential by being selected as the new global headquarters for the United Nation’s Global Compact Center. The Center, which will help anchor the Shipyard’s R&D hub, will focus on the emerging fields of clean technology and green energy to assist in the effort to combat global warming and dependence on fossil fuels.

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777 sf
29 Jun 2012
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