Advancing the Design and Adoption of Safer Materials in the Building Sector - Panelist Slides | U.S. Green Building Council
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Advancing the Design and Adoption of Safer Materials in the Building Sector - Panelist Slides

EVENT DESCRIPTION The overarching goal of this one day workshop was to build understanding and facilitate collaboration between designers, health professionals, material specifiers, and investors that support the design, adoption, and scaling of safer materials in the building sector. By building innovative collaborations, we will be better able to identify and overcome challenges in this sector as well as identify opportunities to build a marketplace for safer materials. The workshop provided a forum for these different groups to discuss their needs, challenges, and motivations. Desired Outcomes included: • To understand current drivers and examples of advancing safer materials in the building products sector • To identify opportunities for new and safer materials that can substitute chemicals and materials of concern in the building materials sector • To understand the current state of tools and supports available that specifiers, architects, materials manufacturers, and building owners can use to evaluate and adopt safer alternatives • To explore the role of and opportunities for incentives and investment in innovation R&D, adoption, and scaling of safer building materials
PANEL ONE DESCRIPTION - Perspectives on Materials of Concern and Safer Alternatives in the Building Materials Sector: Challenges and Opportunities This panel presented a case example of materials of concern in the building sector - flame retardants. Presentations highlighted the challenges of understanding the health impacts of these materials and developing safer alternatives. The panel discussion that follows will feature the perspectives of a health professional, specifier, and materials scientist on the design, evaluation, and choice of materials in the sector. - Liz Harriman, Deputy Director, Massachusetts Toxics Use Reduction Institute - Marc Lebel, President and CEO, FRX Polymers - Cynie Linton, Senior Specification Writer, Symmes Maini & McKee Associates - Ashley White, Senior Fellow, Materials Research Program Manager, U.S. Green Building Council - Robin Dodson, Research Scientist, Silent Spring Institute
PANEL TWO DESCRIPTION - New Materials and the Tools to Evaluate, Select and Adopt them in Design and Decision-Making This panel will explore the tools architects and designers are currently using to evaluate and select safer materials and how these might be applied to emerging materials. - Tom Lent, Research Director, Healthy Building Network - Ram Nagarajan, Associate Professor of Plastics Engineering, UMASS Lowell - Dennis E. Wilson, Director, Product Stewardship & Sustainability, St Gobain
PANEL THREE DESCRIPTION - Incentivizing and Investing in Safer Materials Experts in investment and policy will discuss needs and opportunities for creating incentives and investments for the design and adoption of safer materials. - Adrian Horotan, Principal, Elm Street Ventures - Kedar Gupta, CEO, Arc Energy
Authored By: Liz Harriman, Ashley White, Tom Lent, Dennis Wilson , Marc Lebel, Robin Dodson, Ram Nagarajan, Kedar Gupta, Adrian Horotan
Published On: 7 Jan 2015