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LEED Core Concepts Guide

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What it is

Looking to learn about LEED and green building, but don't know where to start? The LEED Core Concepts Guide introduces the green building fundamentals to get you started on your learning path. This edition features updates based on LEED v4, the newest version of the LEED green building program.

Who it's for

  • Candidates for the LEED Green Associate professional credential
  • Anyone interested in a soup to nuts overview of the basics of green building concepts and strategies.

Chapters include:

  • Introduction to Green Buildings and Communities
  • Sustainable Thinking
  • Sustainable Thinking at Work: New Processes for Building Green
  • Green Building Core Concepts and Application Strategies
  • About USGBC and LEED
ID: Third edition
ISBN: 978-1-932444-32-2
Published By: U.S. Green Building Council
Published On: 25 Apr 2014
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Intern, Code Green Solutions

Is there a link where I can purchase a bundle of the LEED GA Study Guide with the CORE Concepts Guide, ebook (on computer, not hardbook).

Administrative Coordinator, LEED Support, U.S. Green Building Council

Hi Alex! Currently there is not a digital study bundle available, however the Core Concepts can be purchased as a e book from USGBC and the Study guide can be purchased as an ebook from the publisher separately. Link can be found (in small print) here:

Student , khan academy

For Green associate exam can the "guide to the LEED" green associate exam by Michelle Cottrell, LEED AP be used? Have purchased this book and like to study to pass the exam. Thanks. Appreciate a reply.

LEED Specialist, U.S. Green Building Council

Thank you for your interest in becoming a LEED credential holder! We cannot endorse or discredit a non-USGBC published resource like Michelle Cottrell's book. However, I would recommend you consult and study all of the references in The LEED Green Associate Candidate Handbook for the best chance at passing the LEED Green Associate test. The handbook details the references used to write the exam questions: Please also consider other references and resources available to understand LEED through our website, especially Education @USGBC ( and LEED Projects ( Good luck!

Is this e-document for LEED Core Concepts Guide book (pdf file) downloadable, in another words can I read this file from my own copy in my computer without connecting internet or login to your website

LEED Specialist, U.S. Green Building Council

Yes, the file is downloadable and can be saved to your computer. To enable offline reading mode, select the option to make the file available for reading without an Internet connection. This will allow you to open the file for up to seven days before prompting for login again. To login, you will need to be connected to the Internet. You will be presented with this option immediately after you login.

KJWW Engineering Consultants PC

If planning to take the LEED AP BD + C in addition to the Green Associate exam, is this Core Concept guide still recommended study material or would the v4 Reference Guide be sufficient?

., U.S. Green Building Council

Thank you for your interest in earning the LEED Green Associate. I would use any exam preparation materials alongside the primary references used to write the exam. Those references are listed here: Here are some other tips and resources to enhance your studying experience:
1. Consider reviewing some of the free practice questions in this article:
2. Visit the credit library ( and check out many examples of projects (
3. Check out this free video introduction to LEED v4 here:
4. We also have a guide that will walk you through some of the major changes, accomplishments, and language for LEED v4:
5. Finally, you may also find other exam preparation options online or through Education @USGBC here:
Good luck!

Sustainable Schools Consultant,


Does the LEED Core Concepts Guide include sample questions for LEED Green Associate Exam?

., U.S. Green Building Council

Thank you for your question about the LEED Core Concepts Guide! It does not have sample exam questions. I would recommend first consulting the LEED Green Associate candidate handbook which lists the references used to write the exam: Please also consider studying with courses available through Education @USGBC ( or exam preparation materials such as the LEED Green Associate study bundle (

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