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LEED Reference Guide for Building Design and Construction

LEED version: v4
Price: $249.00 (member price is $199.00)
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Web-based Reference Guide (all rating systems)

The fully interactive web-based reference guide is a simple, one-stop-shop for all LEED v4 resources for all rating systems including over 50 multimedia modules, tutorials and case studies to help your project succeed! Access the full suite of web-based guide content for 90 days with the purchase of a hard copy or e-copy of any LEED v4 Reference Guide, or purchase a year long subscription to the web-based guide now for $99 - to subscribe, go here.

Navigate your LEED project from registration through certification.

When project teams have a question about LEED requirements, they reach for the reference guide. Completely restructured for LEED v4, the print and pdf formats of the reference guides walk project teams through all of the information you need to successfully achieve credits.

This guide includes direction for the following:

  • LEED BD+C: New Construction
  • LEED BD+C: Core and Shell
  • LEED BD+C: Schools
  • LEED BD+C: Retail
  • LEED BD+C: Healthcare
  • LEED BD+C: Data Centers
  • LEED BD+C: Hospitality
  • LEED BD+C: Warehouses and Distribution Centers

All hard copy and e-document (pdf) LEED v4 reference guide purchases come with a 90-day subscription to the new web-based version of the LEED v4 reference guides (that includes all rating systems). This new format combines all of the information that’s available in the traditional versions of the guides with all of the benefits of the fully searchable credit library. It also gives project teams access to a new set of modules developed specifically to supplement the reference guide content, including interactive videos, tutorials, presentations and documents.

Reference guide introductory and overview sections

Preview the LEED v4 reference guide sections: Getting Started, Minimum Program Requirements, Rating System Selection, Credit Category Overviews, and Appendices. These sections are supplemental for the web based reference guide.

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ISBN: 978-1-932444-18-6
Published On: 18 Nov 2013
Effective On: 18 Nov 2013

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Project Coordinator - Architectural and Interior Design, Hsin Chong Engineering Macau

Hi! Do you ship hardcopy to Macau, China?

Greenfield Services L.L.C.

Please confirm if we can print the LEED Reference Guide for Building Design and Construction(V4)(e-document/pdf).
can we use it on multiple desktops in our office or is it single user.

Preconstruction Estimator, Skanska

You state that “All e-book publications (PDFs) including the LEED Reference Guide for Building Design and Construction are now downloadable and printable”. The PDF version of the previous reference guide had a watermark (when printed for personal use) that was extremely distracting. Does this version have the same issue?

Architect, Primary Health Care Corporation

Do you ship the hard copy to Qatar?

Hi, i would like to know if LEED Reference Guide for Building Design and Construction e-document (PDF) is printable.

., U.S. Green Building Council

Thank you for your interest in LEED publications. Older comments are sometimes out of date, and this would be an example of information that has been updated since these comments were posted. All e-book publications (PDFs) including the LEED Reference Guide for Building Design and Construction are now downloadable and printable. The only exception to this is the translated Core Concepts Guides (PDFs) which are web-based only and can neither be viewed offline nor printed. Please note the reference guide PDFs are intended for personal use only and should not be stored on any shared network. For subscribers to Education @USGBC, we also offer web-based-only access to all the reference guides that are neither available offline nor printable. For more information about a subscription, please go to I hope this updated information is helpful.

HVAC Planning Engineer, INTERCOL

Hi, what are the chapters included in leed ap certificate exams.
basically i am a HVAC professional. can i get the leed ap certificate on the same field. kindly help me. i am eager to get leed ap certification.
if i can get the certificate in HVAC. what are the requirements and eligibility.

Thanking you,

., U.S. Green Building Council

Thank you for your interest in earning a LEED credential. We list all test specifications and references in each LEED credential candidate handbook. For more information about the LEED Green Associate, please download the candidate handbook here: If you are interested in test preparation or other courses about green building or LEED, please also consider subscribing to Education @USGBC: Good luck!

Project Design group

The Reference Guide is also available in portuguese?

Director of LEED Support, U.S. Green Building Council

No, but the Core Concepts guide is:

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