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Study Bundle: ND Study Guide and Reference Guide

Neighborhood Development Study Guide and LEED Reference Guide for Green Neighborhood Development bundle
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What it is

Study smarter: Prepare while saving time and money with our exam prep bundles.

Who it's for

  • Candidates for the LEED AP Neighborhood Development credential

How it works

In this bundle, you'll receive the LEED for Neighborhood Development Study Guide which summarizes the critical points you need to know to fully prepare for the exam in an easy-to-review format. Study tools include:

  • Individual and group learning activities
  • Review and practice questions


You’ll receive the LEED for Neighborhood Development Reference Guide, the most comprehensive guide for the design and construction of neighborhood projects. The Reference Guide includes:

  • Information on the LEED certification process
  • Complete credit and prerequisite information
  • Additional resources, documentation guidance, standards and implementation information

Applicable rating systems

  • LEED for Neighborhood Development
LEED 2009
Authored By: USGBC

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Landscape Designer, MVLA


., U.S. Green Building Council

Thank you again for your interest in earning the LEED AP Neighborhood Development credential. One of our education partners may be interested in creating a LEED AP ND exam preparation course; however, we currently do not have a study bundle available for the LEED AP Neighborhood Development exam (LEED v4). Until then, we do have a number of resources that will hopefully give you an equally robust and structured preparation experience. I have listed them in a response to your earlier comment. Hope that helps, and good luck!

Landscape Designer, MVLA

When will a LEED ND v4 Study guide be available?

., U.S. Green Building Council

Thank you for your interest in earning the LEED AP Neighborhood Development credential. In lieu of a study guide for LEED v4, we have a number of resources available through our website. I would recommend taking the following steps:
1. Study and learn from the list of references here:
2. Consider reviewing some of the free practice questions in these articles: 1. and 2.
3. Visit the credit library ( and check out many examples of projects (
4. Check out this free video introduction to LEED v4 here:
5. Review some of the major changes, accomplishments, and language for LEED v4:
6. Finally, you may also find other exam preparation options online or through Education @USGBC here:

Good luck!

Associate Planner, Jefferson County

I have the Green Associate credentials - can I take the AP ND exam without prior project experience? Thanks!

Customer Service Representative, U.S. Green Building Council

Hello David,

The only method to be eligible for the LEED AP exams is professional experience in a LEED-registered project within the last 3 years.

Associate Planner, Jefferson County

How many LEED ND registered projects are there? How many LEED ND professions? Thanks!

Wallace Group

Hello David,

Please refer to our online project directory for this information. You can now export this list directly from our website: > Directories (in the upper right corner) > LEED Projects Directory. Here you will see the option to "Export to Excel". Once you have exported this list you may sort in whichever way best suits your needs. Also, some of the project names, cities, zip codes, and owner companies are blanked out for confidentiality reasons (State is still listed). This is all the further information we have available for you on this topic.

Unfortunately, the only public project information available is that listed in the online LEED project directory. For further project details you would need to contact the project directly.

GBCI launched a credentialing management system—My Credentials, which is designed to allow easier management of LEED credentials.

Please check the directory at > Professional Exams > Professional Directory to find LEED APs ND that are listed.

Do you have to take courses for each type of LEED rating system, to be able to take LEED AP exam ( can I learn only from this books you offer ) ?

Customer Service Representative, U.S. Green Building Council

Hello Orlovic,

To take the LEED AP with Specialty exams, you must have previous experience with a LEED Registered Project within three years of your application submittal date. This work experience must be documented in the form of a letter of attestation from a supervisor, client, or project manager and must describe your involvement on the LEED Project as a consultant, contracted worker, member of the LEED Project Team, LEED Homes Provider, LEED Commercial Reviewer, LEED Homes Green Verifier, or staff member of a Certifying Body (CB).

To prepare and study for the exams, you should always refer to the Exam Candiate Handbooks for the full list of resources.

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