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December 2009

LEED Update is a new newsletter from the U.S. Green Building Council and the Green Building Certification Institute to keep LEED project teams and others who are interested informed and up-to-date on LEED news and updates. You are receiving this as an administrator, primary contact or owner of a LEED project, but in order to receive future issues, you must subscribe. You should also forward this to other members of your project team and encourage them to subscribe. LEED Update will include important information such as the release of addenda or errata, resources or guidance for rating systems and credits, information about LEED Online or the registration and certification process, and other relevant details. It is recommended that at least one member of every LEED project team subscribes to LEED Update, which will be sent via e-mail roughly once a quarter.

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Project Registration and Certification Fees Changing Jan. 11

In April, GBCI announced LEED project fee changes taking effect on Jan. 11, 2010. As of that date, the new fees will apply to project registration, project certification, and projects upgrading to LEED 2009. Projects registered under a pre-2009 rating system may upgrade for free through Jan. 10. The new fees cover the costs of the certification process and support the continuous evolution of the LEED rating system and tools. Current pricing (including free upgrade to LEED 2009) will be in effect until January 10, 2010.

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LEED Online v3 Release Notes and Feedback Button

For the most up-to-date information on LEED Online releases, enhancements, features and bug fixes, see the Release Notes page in LEED Online, which is available within the LEED Online Help Content section. Please use the Feedback Button in LEED Online to report issues relating to the LEED Online system, forms and the LEED rating systems and reference guides.

Minimum Program Requirements Supplemental Guidance Released

The Supplemental Guidance to the Minimum Program Requirements (MPRs) is now available. This document gives comprehensive direction to project teams seeking a more thorough understanding of the intent and application of the MPRs. It includes a list of exceptions to each MPR, explanations for unusual project situations, formulas and examples, and a glossary of terms.

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LEED 2009 Reference Guide Addenda

To date, there have been two releases of addenda to the LEED Reference Guides for Green Building Design and Construction, Green Interior Design and Construction, and Green Building Operations and Maintenance (2009 Editions). The addenda will continue to be published on a monthly basis as necessary. It is strongly recommended that project teams adhere to the reference guide addenda based on registration date.

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Pilot Credit Library

The LEED Pilot Credit Library has launched with six credits available for LEED 2009 project teams to pilot. Participation in a credit’s pilot will earn your project one Innovation in Design or Innovation in Operations credit. To read the proposed credit language, learn more about credit piloting, or register your project to participate in a pilot, visit the Pilot Credit Library »

LEEDuser: Third-Party Tool for LEED Project Teams

The path to LEED certification depends on sharing good ideas – among members of an integrated team as well as from outside the team. A number of third-party tools exist to help foster that idea-sharing, spurring innovation and providing opportunities to help ease the process of designing, building, operating and maintaining a LEED building. These tools are not created or endorsed by USGBC or GBCI. As information to the LEED community, there is a new such tool available, created by BuildingGreen LLC, a long-time participant in the green building community.

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Optimized LEED Resources & Tools page

The LEED Resources section of USGBC.org has been updated, reorganized and optimized to accommodate the resources available to all flavors of LEED project team members. Each sub-page is arranged by rating system.

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WE Prerequisite 1 Documentation Guidance

USGBC has released additional guidance for LEED 2009 project teams relating to fixture groups, total daily uses calculations, dual-flush toilet flow rates, and public metering conversions.

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LEED for Schools: IEQ Credit 4

The PIEACP (Performance-Intent Equivalent Alternative Compliance Path) for IEQ Credit 4: Low Emitting Materials that is available for LEED for Schools 2007 projects is also available to LEED 2009 for Schools project teams. For more information, see the updated LEED for Schools IEQc4 PIEACP document and the “page 476” entry within the Addenda to the LEED Reference Guide for Green Building Design and Construction »

LEED for New Construction v2.0 Sunsets Dec. 31

In order to clear inactive projects from the LEED registered database, all projects currently registered under LEED for New Construction version 2.0 must either submit for certification or upgrade for free to any newer version of the LEED rating system by Dec. 31, 2009.

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