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Winter 2011

LEED Volume Program for Design & Construction

During Greenbuild 2010, USGBC announced the launch of the LEED Volume Program for the design and construction rating systems. The LEED Volume Program is designed to meet industry needs for a streamlined approach to certifying like buildings and spaces across your portfolio. The program - through the use of prototype standards - allows organizations to simplify the LEED documentation for multiple buildings or spaces of a similar type, achieving certification faster and at a lower cost than with individual building reviews.

Acknowledging that organizations can best identify the uniformity and similarities of their projects, the program was designed to be flexible, allowing owners to define the criteria for grouping like buildings and the prototype credits to pursue. This approach to the certification of like buildings piggybacks onto the prototype design and construction system that builders of similar buildings (retailers as an example) already have in place to ensure their brand identity and conformity across their locations.

The major benefits of the LEED Volume Program are that it:

  • Achieves economies of scale to reduce costs by taking advantage of uniformity in building design, construction and management practices.
  • Encourages building owners to incorporate LEED, including documentation, into standard practices, procedures and tracking processes.
  • Streamlines the project certification process, while tailoring it, when necessary, to specific situations and participant programs.
  • Develops alternative review methods, allowing changes to the way LEED submittal documentation is collected while maintaining adherence to the LEED credit requirements.
  • Preserves the integrity of the LEED program.
  • Integrates sustainability into the adopting organizations everyday business practices.

To be eligible to use the volume certification process, participants must own, manage or lease real estate. Consultants, architects and contractors are not eligible. Eligibility requirements are based on participants applying to be a part of either the design and construction volume process or the upcoming existing buildings process.

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Building Performance Partnership Update

USGBC's Building Performance Partnership (BPP), which launched its data collection effort in April of 2010, engages owners and managers of LEED-certified commercial, institutional and residential buildings in an attempt to optimize building performance through data collection, analysis and action.

Currently, the Building Performance Partnership has over 231 participants, all of whom are working closely with USGBC to help develop the first comprehensive green building performance database in the world. In return USGBC is providing them with reports and analyses of their buildings' performance, giving them the information they need to achieve their own performance goals.

Looking Ahead:

  • While Phase 1 of BPP consists of energy and water data collection, keep an eye out this spring for the rollout of Phase 2, which will introduce other key metrics such as waste, occupant comfort, and indoor air quality.
  • Phase 2 will also support automated data collection and transfer, and encourage subsystem data reporting.
  • Expected to launch in 2012, BPP will allow participants to customize and update their performance reports via the USGBC website.
  • Also, be sure to check www.usgbc.org/bpp regularly as the BPP Handbook will be available to download for free in the coming weeks.

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Questions about BPP? Please e-mail LEEDPerformance@usgbc.org.

USGBC Webinar Subscription

USGBC is pleased to offer national member organizations access to the 2010 - 2011 USGBC Webinar Subscription.

Throughout 2010 and 2011, USGBC expects to produce two or three webinars each month, adding to our existing library of more than 30 webinars in the library. Subscribing organizations receiving unlimited access for all their employees to these education resources, focused on innovation and best practices in sustainable building and LEED. Featuring instruction by project managers and subject matter experts, all webinars are reviewed for accuracy, quality assurance, and professional education standards. Through the webinar subscription, you can satisfy all your employees' LEED credential maintenance needs and help them improve their performance on the job at one flat rate.

Price: $2,450 provides unlimited webinar access through Dec. 31, 2011.

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