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Learn how buildings can affect mental health.

The human brain still confounds medical experts in many ways, but one area of research and knowledge that is relatively easy to observe and understand is the interaction between the mind and the surrounding environment.

The newest episode of “Built for Health” takes listeners on a journey, exploring the interaction between buildings and mental health. Factors such as crowding and noise can have marked effects on anxiety in humans, and the design and building community has a large role to play in mitigating negative health outcomes.

In this episode, “Built for Health” host Flavia Grey talks with Gary Evans, psychologist and professor of human ecology at Cornell University, and Misha Semenov, co-founder and editor at the Eco Empathy Project.

The three discuss what is currently known about how the human mind interacts with environmental factors, and illuminate the power of an office, home or other built space to impart a sense of control and stability to occupants, thereby promoting good mental health.

This episode of "Built for Health" is eligible for .5 CE hours on the Education @USGBC platform. Listen to the episode, and take the quiz.

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