Ashley Katz

Over the past few months, we’ve been cataloging our favorite USGBC memories in our 20 years of USGBC series. We hope you've enjoyed taking a walk down memory lane, and learning from our wonderful community about their most cherished USGBC moments. Alex Zimmerman talked about the people behind the early days of LEED, and David Gottfried shared USGBC's ten ingredient recipe for transforming the building industry. Jeremy Poling discussed striving for zero in The Thing About Numbers, and Dana Kose detailed all the reasons why she’s a lifelong USGBC volunteer.

Here’s a look back at a few more moments:

A father’s daughter by Lynn Simon

An accidental yet powerful benefit of LEED by Gregory Shank

Here's to 20 years of keeping LEED creative by Joan Darvish-Rouhani 

LEED recollections by Bill Reed

In loving memory by Heather Rosenberg

LEED then and now by Mara Baum

Pioneers on the path by Donna McIntire

The green building holy grail by Mark Ginsberg

The Woo-Hoo gang by Penny Bonda

A hearty thank you from all of us at USGBC to those who have let us into your archives by sharing your stories, photos, memorabilia. Please continue to share using #USGBC20.