It’s all about the data. Green buildings are being transformed into high-performance “smart buildings” equipped with new technologies, integrated systems, custom user apps and lots of data. Smart buildings take green to a whole new level.

Why is data important for buildings?

Data give us information on how buildings are actually being used, and it allows the building to perform based on the needs of the occupants. Having information on usage is critical to operating the building in the most efficient and sustainable manner. Not only can we obtain real-time occupancy information for the building, but we can tell exactly where those occupants are and how they are using the space.

This means that the building only conditions space that is actually being used, and it conditions the space based on the needs and preferences of the occupants. Lighting levels can be determined based on individual settings and can be adjusted based on different tasks, instead of being limited to "on" or "off." Elevators respond to real-time needs and can even “predict” need based on other operational information (i.e., that someone just parked on the third level of the parking garage).

Real estate has entered the digital age in the way buildings are operated—but more important, in the way they are experienced. By adding a high level of intelligence through operational data and analytics, coupled with the ability to give end users more control over their environment, smart buildings are enhancing the occupant experience and creating an overall better workplace. In addition to energy and sustainability benefits, employees are also benefiting from enhanced health, wellness and worker productivity.

Join us for the 2016 Building Energy Summit®

The 2016 Building Energy Summit, taking place on March 16 in Washington, D.C., explores these and other trends affecting energy efficiency in buildings today. Designed to educate building owners, managers and operators on the latest energy-efficient technologies and solutions, this annual conference will help attendees collaborate on best practices, share successful case studies and gain the resources needed to take action.

The summit features international real estate firms and technology experts who will present their vision of real estate beyond the digital age. They will address the impact of technology on buildings today, including real-time data, operational analytics, smart buildings, integrated applications and the “Internet of things." Learn how today’s disruptive technologies create an environment that is highly efficient, responds to the needs of the occupants, and redefines the overall end user experience.

  • Keynote presentations by nationally renowned speakers
  • Case study presentations of the smartest, most energy-efficient buildings
  • 16 educational sessions in four different tracks, featuring building owners, technology leaders and energy experts
  • Multiple networking events to meet and collaborate with other attendees
  • Resource Pavilion offering best-in-class solution and technology providers
  • More than 60 world-class speakers

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