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Hear from five USGBC Faculty on why they value the role.

At USGBC, we have always prioritized the “why” for our education programs, which helps us stay true to our purpose by keeping us focused on our vision. As sustainability becomes more integrated into the vocabulary and goals of our global population, we must always remind ourselves why our work continues to be important, and how much we still need to achieve. As we stick to our “why,” we see our education stakeholders doing the same in their own ways.

The USGBC Faculty are a team of educators around the globe who effectively and consistently reinforce that message.

We asked some of our USGBC Faculty to tell us what is unique about the role they play in their region, what their audience most wants to learn about, and how their designation as a USGBC Faculty member helps them prepare other professionals for the demands and goals of the green building marketplace.

Here are some of the reasons why our USGBC Faculty find their designation to be an asset in the global fight to achieve sustainability goals.

Paola Moschini

Moschini is a Principal, Architect and Sustainability Consultant at Macro Design Studio Srl in Rovereto, Italy.

Stay up to date through an international network.

In Europe, there aren’t as many USGBC Faculty members, so being part of this international network is a privilege and an important qualification as an educator. Mostly, my audiences are keen to improve their knowledge about green building and to prepare for the LEED Green Associate and LEED AP exams.

The credential of USGBC Faculty helps me to stay continuously updated on the trends of green buildings, and through the calls with the others USGBC Faculty members, I have the opportunity to listen to other experiences and bring them into my classes.

Gustavo Goldman

Goldman is a senior green building consultant in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Further elevate your professional status.

During the past 20 years of my professional practice, I have been both a professional in the field of architecture and design and an educator. In my experience, the USGBC Faculty credential serves as a bridge between these two facets of my professional development, with a credential recognizable because it is by an entity of the stature of USGBC. This is important to me.

My audiences want to learn about sustainability, wellness and well-being, and affordable certification systems.

As USGBC Faculty, we receive top information from USGBC on the certification systems, the markets and all that involves our activity in green building. When teaching, we share all our experiences, including all the information we receive. This keeps us on top of the latest technologies and trends.

David Dominguez

Dominguez is CEO of 3Lotus Consulting Mexico in Mexico City.

Provide the expertise that your students need.

USGBC Faculty are not that many in number, and I always explain to the audience what a Faculty credential is, and how I can help them with their needs because of that designation. My audiences want to learn how their daily activities—such as construction; architecture and design; or mechanical, electrical and plumbing—can be shaped from the beginning to comply with a specific certification system, which in most cases is LEED and EDGE.

I think the vast resources available for USGBC Faculty have been quite useful in my instruction.

Samhita Madanagobalane

Madanagobalane is Managing Director of Ela Green Buildings and Infrastructure Consultants Pvt. Ltd. in Chennai, India.

Gain access to the best tools and resources for teaching.

In South India, people are quite aware of LEED credentials and their advantages in the industry. Being USGBC Faculty gives me access to resources that can help train professionals and students to take the exam. It gives me recognition and helps pinpoint my quality as a trainer. Being recognized by USGBC gives us better accessibility to students for training sessions.

Access to resources has been extremely beneficial. The well-structured training and study material gives us the right tools to be able to carry out sessions with ease, clarity and understanding.

Annette Stelmack

Stelmack is a Principal and Sustainable Design Consultant with Inspirit LLC in Louisville, Colorado.

Promote LEED as well as your own areas of specialization.

I teach both in-person and online workshops. The audiences that I have been engaged with are looking to become LEED Green Associates or LEED AP BD+C credential holders. Additionally, I have courses that focus on materials and healthy interiors, based on my book, Sustainable Residential Interiors, 2e.

Being a USGBC Faculty member keeps me current on the LEED rating systems, addenda and pilot programs. Plus, there's the added benefit of being more deeply connected to the healthy, green building community and the USGBC team.

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