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If you're looking to grow your green building knowledge Education @USGBC is how to do it.

Want to know more? Here are our top five FAQs. 


What is Education @USGBC?


Education @USGBC is a simple-to-use platform with courses designed by the world’s learning educators, providing the best education in the market today. Education @USGBC includes courses created by USGBC and well as courses created by USGBC Education Partners. Access Education @USGBC at


How do I access my subscription?


For Individuals and Chapters
Go to and begin learning.

For Organizations that have purchased multiple subscriptions
To distribute access to the multiple subscriptions that your company has purchased, go to and click your name or photo at the top right corner of the page. Select Education @USGBC from the drop down list. Click "Manage Users" to distribute your subscriptions.

For Organizations with membership based access to Education @USGBC
All employees of Platinum level member organizations have automatic, unlimited free access to the Education @USGBC subscription and LEED v4 web-based reference guide. Employees can go to, log in, click their name or photo at the top right corner of the page, and click "Education @USGBC" from the drop down list to access Education @USGBC and the web-based reference guide.

Silver and Gold level member organizations have a set number of hours of access within the Education @USGBC subscription. The primary contact (or anyone who the primary contact has given the authority to "manage users") may distribute those hours by going to, logging in, clicking their name or photo at the top right corner of the page, selecting "Education @USGBC" from the drop down list, and clicking "Manage Users." Here there is an option to either allow all employees access to the hours or add specific employees by their email addresses.


How do I report CE hours?


For Individuals
For AIA credentials, you will have the opportunity to add your AIA number to your USGBC account, enabling automated reporting. In order for USGBC to report these hours on your behalf, you must provide your AIA number. Please allow 10 business days after completing a course for it to be added to your account.

For LEED credentials, USGBC will upload your hours into your Credentialing account automatically upon passage of the course quiz and you will not need to self-report. You will also be provided with a certificate upon completion of each course to retain for your records.

For Chapters
For AIA credentials and LEED credentials, a Chapter must collect authorized user information in the “USGBC Roster Form” (provided by USGBC) and return the roster as an editable excel file to USGBC within 14 calendar days of the educational event. Chapters must also distribute certificates of completion to event attendees. Request your Chapter's event roster and certificate templates by emailing after registering for the Education @USGBC subscription, with the subject line "Chapter Subscriber: Roster and Certificate Needed." Chapters must follow all reasonable USGBC directions for completing the USGBC Roster Form.


Does an Education @USGBC subscription include access to the LEED v4 web-based reference guide?


Yes, access to the LEED v4 web-based reference guide is included with the Education @USGBC subscription.


I want to purchase access to Education @USGBC for my company. How do I share access with my colleagues?


Education @USGBC subscriptions are sold in terms of individual access points at Bulk discounts are available for companies purchasing multiple subscriptions.

Once you have purchased multiple subscriptions, go to, click on your name or photograph at the top right, select "Education @USGBC" from the drop down list, and then click "Manage Users." This will allow you to assign your subscriptions to your colleagues. Learn more [video].


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