Jeremy Sigmon

Ohio, with 77 LEED-certified schools, has the most green schools per capita in the country…

Virginia had the
most per-capita green building activity in 2012…

Colorado’s state capitol was the
first to go green, achieving LEED Gold in 2008…

Each of our states has an amazing story about green building market transformation. This summer, we’ll share 50 of them. I’m pleased to announce the release of state-by-state market reports that will highlight green building facts, figures, policy context, stand-out projects and more. These state-specific stories are a show-and-tell of what’s really happening in your state’s green building marketplace; 50 more examples of LEED in motion.

Over the course of the summer, we’ll be releasing these state-by-state market activity reports on a weekly basis, bundled by region. Coming this week: market reports for states in our Florida & Caribbean region.

We often hear about the big numbers: the 17,000+ LEED commercial projects, 37,000+ residential LEED units and the almost 200,000 LEED-credentialed professionals. But what does your state contribute, and how can it tap even more of the green building potential? The state reports will provide a unique glimpse into every state of the union (and you can dive even deeper with GBIG).

With more than 1.5 million square feet of certified space added every single day, it’s easy to see the market shifting. As green real estate is being demanded and delivered at unprecedented levels, green building is fueling entire new industries and driving investment in every state. McGraw-Hill Construction found that the green building marketplace is doubling in size every three years, expected to total approximately $100 billion this year. Is your business and your community seizing the opportunity?

Public policy is one of many important drivers for the uptake of green building practice. A recent study found that communities of all sizes reap important spillover benefits when governments commit to leadership with LEED. Beyond the rating system, USGBC’s community of advocates across all 50 states is advancing a wide array of green building policy solutions. When implemented, the policy measures promoted in our advocacy campaigns go far in complementing the market’s powerful demand for green building and LEED.

Are you curious about the green building market activity in your state and how it compares? Tune in right here to catch what’s next.