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Listen to this podcast about important issues in accessible and sustainable design.

The issue of accessibility is universal, something that affects everyone, no matter your age, range of motion or health. The latest episode of “Built for Health” examines accessibility topics pertinent to both the health and design communities and posits that a building cannot truly be sustainable unless it is also accessible.

Luis Quintana, founder of Todo Accessible, and Peter Stratton, senior vice president and managing director of accessibility services at Steven Winter Associates, Inc., join “Built for Health” host Flavia Grey to discuss the ins and outs of universal design and adaptability versus accessibility.

Drawing on personal experience and professional insight, both guests identify and expound on the most pressing issues in accessible/sustainable design today. Pointing out building features that either help or hinder the movement of people through buildings, this episode will expand your understanding of what it means to create green buildings for everyone.

This episode of "Built for Health" is eligible for .5 CE hours on the Education @USGBC platform. Listen to the episode and take the quiz.

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Season two of Built for Health is made possible by Kaiser Permanente. Together We Thrive.

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