Jeremy Sigmon

Crucial bills in the California legislature need your action today.

Globally, nationally and in the states, 2017 has introduced both uncertainty and renewed enthusiasm for the future of climate action policy and finance. The next week provides an important opportunity for California to emerge, once again, as a global leader... but not without your help.

The fate of California’s cap-and-trade program (which is destined to essentially expire in 2020) will be decided by California state legislators in Sacramento. Governor Jerry Brown has brokered a breakthrough set of bills that are our best bet for a strong future for cap-and-trade beyond 2020, if a two-thirds majority is achieved. 

The proposed bills, AB 398 and AB 617, provide clear market signals about greenhouse gas emissions, protections for low-income communities, and a framework for generating the capital needed to achieve our full sustainability potential.

Failure to pass this package of bills this week could cripple California’s ability to make a meaningful cap-and-trade program work beyond 2020, and limit our ability to maintain climate leadership on the global stage. Please contact your members of the general assembly to urge approval, using our easy link.

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