Casey Studhalter

Wrapping up the final round of the Affordable Green Neighborhoods grant program, we look back at the projects that have received these grants over the years.

This spring, USGBC wrapped up the fourth and final round of the Affordable Green Neighborhoods (AGN) grant program, supported by generous funding from the Bank of America Charitable Foundation. This offers an opportunity to look back at the 36 projects awarded an AGN grant since the program’s launch in 2010.

Making homes affordable and sustainable

Eleven have achieved certification since the inception of the program, representing over 400 acres, 7,800 dwelling units and 11.3 million gross square feet of new construction or major renovations that meet the global standard for sustainable neighborhood planning, design and construction. One more project is currently under review, several are anticipated to submit within the next few months and the remainder are all in some phase of the planning, design and development process.

The program was conceived in 2010 with the Bank of American Charitable Foundation as a way to support the growing interest in applying LEED for Neighborhood Development (LEED ND) to the redevelopment of affordable housing. As a large number of older, well-located affordable housing developments reach the end of their expected lives and are in need of reinvestment, LEED ND has proven to be a useful tool in helping to shape the inclusion of best practices in sustainable urbanism.

Providing education and support

The rating system incorporates all the best practices espoused by modern practitioners and policy experts in affordable housing construction, including a focus on mixed-use, mixed-income development with access to transit, walkable designs and efficient construction that saves money and improves occupant health and well-being. LEED ND is so well aligned with HUD’s priorities that their Choice Neighborhoods Initiative awards preference points in the application process for projects that have achieved LEED ND certification.

USGBC found that many developers of affordable housing were lacking the experience with LEED and the funding to support their pursuit of certification. The AGN grant program supported these projects both financially and with capacity-building educational and staff support to help developers incorporate sustainability into their redevelopment projects and achieve LEED ND s quickly and easily as possible. After all, no one needs improved access to transportation options, healthy living conditions and lower utility bills more than the residents of affordable housing.

A list of all AGN grantees is included below.


  • 9th and Berks TOD (Paseo Verde) in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
    LEED ND (Stage 2 Platinum)
  • Church Lane Gardens in East St. Louis, Illinois
  • Jordan Downs in Los Angeles, California
    LEED ND (Stage 2 Silver)
  • Lamar Station TOD in Lakewood, Colorado
    LEED ND (Stage 2 Silver)
  • Old Colony Redevelopment in South Boston, Massachusetts
    LEED ND (Stage 2 Gold)
  • Sunnydale Hope SF in San Francisco, California
    LEED ND (Stage 1 Gold)
  • The Village at Market Creek in San Diego, California
    LEED ND (Stage 1 Silver)
  • Veterans Place at The Lancaster Corridor in Dallas, Texas
  • Wyandanch Rising in Wyandanch, New York

Paseo Verde

Paseo Verde in Philadelphia.


  • Brightwalk at Historic Double Oaks in Charlotte, North Carolina
    LEED ND (Stage 2 Certified)
  • East Market Street District in Louisville, Kentucky
  • Mariposa Redevelopment in Denver, Colorado
    LEED ND (Stage 2 Gold)
  • Mapleton Fall Creek 20/21 Project in Indianapolis, Indiana
    LEED ND (Stage 1 Silver)
  • Paradise Creek Affordable Housing in National City, California
  • Renaissance in Charlotte, North Carolina
  • Westlawn Gardens in Milwaukee, Wisconsin
    LEED ND (Stage 3 Silver)

Westlawn Gardens

Westlawn Gardens in Milwaukee.


  • Bartlett Place in Roxbury, Massachusetts
  • Butler Street Y Lofts in Atlanta, Georgia
  • Essex Crossing in New York, New York
  • Faubourg Lafitte in New Orleans, Louisiana
  • Northwest Gardens in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida
  • Rebuild Potrero in San Francisco, California
    LEED ND (Stage 1 Gold)
  • Sheppard Square HOPE VI Revitalization in Louisville, Kentucky
  • TNT Eco-Innovation District in Dorchester, Massachusetts
  • Villages at Cabrillo in Long Beach, California
  • Westview Village in Ventura, California


  • Beecher Terrace in Louisville, Kentucky
  • Edison-Eastlake Choice Neighborhood in Phoenix, Arizona
  • Indigo Block in Dorchester, Massachusetts
  • Lathrop Homes in Chicago, Illinois
  • Sun Valley EcoDistrict in Denver, Colorado

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