Shelby Buso
2 minute read

ABBC participants’ energy usage was 20.4% below the baseline in 2018.

USGBC Georgia is a proud partner of the Atlanta Better Buildings Challenge (ABBC). In 2011, the City of Atlanta was one of the first to commit to the U.S. Department of Energy’s Better Buildings Challenge by setting an internal goal of 2 million square feet enrolled in the program.

Little did the partners know that the program would end up with over 100 million square feet of commercial space dedicated to 20% water and energy savings by the year 2020. The program thrived via the partnerships between many public and private entities, including the City of Atlanta, Central Atlanta Progress, Southface Energy Institute, Midtown Alliance, and Livable Buckhead.

According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, the average American spends more than 90% of their life indoors. The health of most people depends on the indoor air quality of their work and home, among other environmental factors. Building efficiency is also a key factor in reducing the impact of climate change, as 40% of the carbon emissions in the U.S. economy come from the buildings in which we all live, work and play on a daily basis.

In order to encourage private sector investment in energy efficiency, U.S. leaders partnered with the Department of Energy to commit to an energy savings pledge through the Better Buildings Initiative.

ABBC participants have hit their ambitious energy goal two years early. The Department of Energy reported that ABBC participants’ energy usage was 20.4% below the baseline in 2018. ABBC is the largest such program in the country, thanks to the commitment of its participants.

USGBC Georgia is proud to be a community partner of ABBC, and we look forward to our continued support of the great work that they do for our world.

As we welcome guests to Atlanta for Greenbuild 2019 in November, USGBC Georgia hopes to spotlight many ABBC participants for the conference attendees. One notable project is the facility in which Greenbuild will be held, the LEED Gold Georgia World Congress Center (GWCC). GWCC committed to the program in 2011 and has been designated a Top Performer by the Atlanta Better Buildings Challenge.

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