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USGBC Maryland celebrates female sustainability professionals.

Women are working together to break the gender gap in sustainability professions, where they still make up a lower percentage of environmental scientists and geoscientists, architects, engineers and construction managers. Since 2012, local and global Women in Green events have convened female green building leaders, students and professionals to discuss unique challenges and celebrate milestones.

USGBC Maryland is excited to continue the conversation at its Women in Green Leadership Breakfast in Baltimore, Maryland, on Sept. 26.

When: Thursday, Sept. 26, 8–10 a.m. EDT
Where: Function Coworking Community, 4709 Harford Road, Baltimore, Maryland

2019 Maryland Women in Green Panelists

The Leadership Breakfast attendees will hear from a panel of intelligent and passionate women sharing their experiences related to this year’s Women in Green theme, "Culture of Courage":

We understand that having the courage to speak candidly and shed light on injustice is critical to shaping the next generation of female environmental leaders. However, this can be a daunting task for some women early in their professional careers. Here are the thoughts of some of our panelists on tackling this challenge:

  • Jen Aiosa encourages women to “know your facts” in this time when science is increasingly being “discounted as opinion for political or financial gain.” It can be difficult for a woman in our field to be heard, but “[w]hen you do get that chance at the microphone, or with the reporter, or on social media, make sure you have your facts straight, and that your policy, opinion, or recommendation is rooted in facts,” she advises.
  • Anne Draddy sees the first step toward speaking up courageously as an inward one. We have to “dig deep in ourselves” to find what we know to be right, she says, and then “call upon our courage to bring truth to our voice [and] inform our actions,” even when others disagree.
  • Rebecca Gullot sees “inherent distinctions in how women experience, view, and behave and society and the workplace.” She encourages women to embrace their “female worldview,” as it can “provide valuable perspective and insight to your work” and help create a more equitable, just and sustainable future.
  • Bridget Parlato highlights the importance of allowing oneself to be vulnerable. She quotes Brené Brown: “Vulnerability is the birthplace of courage.” By asking others to teach us what we don’t know, we are able to listen and learn without worry, says Parlato. Being vulnerable also means finding our compassion for others who are vulnerable, and speaking out on their behalf when needed. As she says, “when the need for a voice is bigger than the fear of using your own, you’ll find courage.”

Attend the Leadership Breakfast

Hear more from these women and connect with other colleagues in sustainability at the breakfast. At Women in Green events, women, those who identify as women, and those who support women are all welcome. Both registration and sponsorship opportunities are now available. Join us as we celebrate women’s leadership in sustainability, and work together to foster a “Culture of Courage” that will bring about a greener, healthier, and more equitable future for all.

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