Mary Schrott

On this week's podcast, learn how the urban farming movement is changing the food landscape for the better.

Diet has a great impact on the quality of human life—hence, the expression "you are what you eat." Our diets suffer for many reasons, including our desire to be satisfied quickly. Many of us, especially in urban areas, also struggle with finding access to fresh fruits and vegetables, the cornerstone of a healthy lifestyle.

With the advent of urban agriculture initiatives, that struggle is waning, and building owners, operators and occupants have a significant role to play in bringing the farm to the table in cities and communities around the country.

On the newest episode of “Built for Health,” Dr. Michael Greger, a physician, author and professional speaker on public health issues, and Christopher Grallert, Partner, Advisor and Managing Director of Green City Growers, join host Flavia Grey for a discussion on nutrition and how the urban farming movement is changing the food landscape for the better.

Listen to “Built for Health: Nutrition and Food Production" for more on the connection between nutrition and health outcomes, strategies for onsite local food production and how edible landscapes can support your environmental goals.

Learn more about what our bodies need to be healthy and how buildings can help provide the means to cultivate an optimal diet. The episode is eligible for .5 CE hours on the Education @USGBC platform. Listen to the episode, and then take the quiz.

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