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Listen to this podcast on how climate change affects human well-being.

Kicking off a second season of the popular podcast, “Built for Health,” USGBC presents a moderated conversation about the impacts of climate change on human health.

With a focus on the dynamic interaction between human well-being and building sustainability, the “Built for Health” podcast series brings public health professionals and researchers together with architecture, engineering and construction practitioners to discuss how to design, build and operate healthier buildings.

Featuring Jeffrey Shaman, director of the climate and health program at the Columbia University Mailman School of Public Health, and Laurie Schoeman, national director of resilience at Enterprise Community Partners, the first episode digs into the details of how changing atmospheric and social factors are likely to influence health, both now and in the future.

The intensification of storms, heat waves and other weather patterns caused by climate change can lead to adverse health outcomes over time, including a rise in heat-related morbidity and mortality and loss of life due to flooding or wildfire. Also of concern is air quality and respiratory health among vulnerable populations, like young children and the elderly.

Hosted by Flavia Grey, Ph.D., the first episode of season two takes a close look at how climate-adapted design can alleviate the effects of climate-related threats on human well-being, and discusses strategies for addressing concerns raised by both the medical community and the design professions.

This episode of "Built for Health" is eligible for 0.5 CE hours on the Education @USGBC platform. Listen to the episode and take the quiz.

For more “Built for Health,” check out season one, and let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

Season two of Built for Health is made possible by Kaiser Permanente. Together We Thrive.

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