Mary Schrott

On this week's podcast, learn about the benefits of public parks and spaces for exercise and social connection.

There are more benefits to getting outside than just breathing fresh air. According to Dr. Deborah A. Cohen, people are more likely to engage in moderate to intense physical activity outdoors—a big incentive in an increasingly sedentary society.

On this episode of our “Built for Health” podcast, Cohen joins host Flavia Grey, along with Derek Ouyang, a Stanford University lecturer in civil and environmental engineering, to discuss the impacts of public spaces and urban design on human well-being.

Public spaces, especially parks, can inspire movement, social interaction and serendipitous experiences, and their design plays a big role. From incorporating walking paths to ensuring adequate sunlight and even promoting a sense of safety through enclosures, designers of parks, like the designers of LEED-certified projects, must consider all aspects of a space to reach their goals.

Listen to “Built for Health: Public Spaces and Urban Design” to learn more about the benefits of public parks for increased exercise and of public spaces for social interaction and connectivity. The episode is eligible for .5 CE hours on the Education @USGBC platform. Listen to the episode, and then take the quiz.

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