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Melanie Colburn
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Submit your Pacific region project by June 7 to be considered for the award.

The Pacific region communities of USGBC are excited to announce the open call for nominations for the 2019 Building Health Leadership Awards, presented by the Green Health Partnership, a research and development initiative of USGBC and the University of Virginia School of Medicine.

The awards, to be presented at this year’s GreenerBuilder conference on July 25 at the Marriott Marquis, will celebrate green building projects in the Pacific region that show outstanding leadership through their commitment to focusing on health promotion in their design, construction and operation.

Celebrating leadership in green building and health across U.S. regions, the Building Health Leadership Awards program also recently announced recipients at the IMPACT event in St. Paul.

While green building rating systems provide ample opportunities for health promotion at many levels, they must be implemented in an intentional manner to take full advantage of their health benefits. It is when green building professionals thoughtfully deploy these rating systems that their full power in positively affecting population health is realized, resulting in sustainable spaces that benefit not only individuals, but entire communities, as well as future generations.

The Building Health Leadership Award will recognize outstanding green building projects that have achieved or, are in the process of, achieving, three criteria:

  1. Planning for health promotion: The project has engaged in a systematic process to promote population health of the building site users, surrounding community and supply chain. This includes identifying impacted populations, identifying health needs and prioritizing specific, health-promoting design and/or operation features.
  2. Achieving green building certification: The project takes action to promote population health by specifying design, construction and operation strategies within its approach to green building certification.
  3. Measuring operational performance: The project has committed to measuring operational performance of how the design, construction and operation strategies are promoting health.

The Building Health Leadership Awards committee, who will select the winners for GreenerBuilder 2019, is composed of our co-chairs, Mara Baum and Frances Yang, and USGBC Northern California MLAB Health Champion Christina Weber; USGBC and Arc Skoru staff, including Chris Pyke, Kelly Worden, and Melanie Colburn; and in consultation with health experts, including Dr. Matt Trowbridge from the University of Virginia School of Medicine.

If your project has achieved, or is working to achieve, these three requirements, we encourage you to apply for award consideration. Please submit your completed application by June 7 to be considered.

Preview the award application.

Apply for the Building Health Leadership Award