Grant Olear

Share what you're doing for Energy Efficiency Day with the #EEDay2016 hashtag.

On Oct. 5, 2016, a network of organizations and partners across the county, including the U.S. Green Building Council®, will join together to promote the benefits of energy efficiency for the first nationwide Energy Efficiency Day.

Appropriately, it takes place in the middle of Greenbuild, which is also the first week of Energy Action Month!

Whether you’ll be with us at Greenbuild or if you’ll be elsewhere, you can still link up with Energy Efficiency Day online and via social media. 

  • Join us in helping to celebrate all the work we do together to save energy by using the hashtag #EEDay2016 on your social media platforms.
  • Tell the world why energy efficiency is important and what you’re doing to help.
  • Don’t forget to tag #LEED, @USGBC, @PEERcertified, or @GRESB.
  • Tell your friends and colleagues to echo the pro-efficiency message!

In all areas of our work, prioritizing energy efficiency is a constant. Among myriad activities and programs, energy efficiency is a primary piece of USGBC’s work through such activities as:

  • Advocating to prioritize efficiency through public policy at all levels of government;
  • Administering a growing list of measurement-based rating systems around the globe, including an entry-level green building program in developing countries focused on energy efficiency as a fundamental building block (EDGE);
  • Saving lots of energy in the hospitality and meetings business through Greenbuild, a five-time award-winning conference that continues to trailblaze sustainability for this industry;
  • Developing and deploying LEED®, which, of course, includes minimum efficiency thresholds and voluntary measures that most projects take to great heights (see “The Plaque Unpacked”);
  • Offering a game-changing platform to take efficiency to the next level through the LEED Dynamic Plaque, which enables building owners and managers to keep close tabs on ongoing performance and measurement and collects and shares actionable data about sustainability in many areas;
  • Administering PEER®, which provides a framework for continuous improvement and performance assessment through a rating system that measures and improves power system performance and electricity delivery systems; and
  • Catalyzing companies and funds that invest in real estate and infrastructure to invest in building energy efficiency through GRESB (see new 2016 GRESB survey data), a benchmark that is providing actionable information and tools to prioritize portfolio management decisions that improve environmental, social and governance (ESG).

For us at USGBC, every day is Energy Efficiency Day! What will you do to make efficiency a priority in your work on Energy Efficiency Day?

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