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See the winners of the ReEnergize Milwaukee awards, which USGBC Wisconsin co-hosted.

As a partner of the Better Buildings Challenge—Milwaukee (BBC-MKE), USGBC Wisconsin is dedicated to bringing marketing, recognition and educational benefits to the program and its participants. To honor that role, USGBC Wisconsin teamed up with the City of Milwaukee Environmental Collaboration Office (ECO) to host ReEnergize Milwaukee 2017, the first annual awards and celebration event for the BBC-MKE, on October 4.

Five awards categories and a general recognition rating for active participants were created for and administered at ReEnergize Milwaukee 2017 to recognize leadership and energy reduction efforts while highlighting specific aspects of the program. Awards ranged from the data-driven Outstanding Energy Performance award to the vote-based People’s Choice Award, which involved event attendees to maximize the visibility and promotional benefits for eligible candidates.

Additionally, to incorporate the participants’ voices and facilitate peer-to-peer acknowledgement in the award selection process leading up to the event, three of the five award categories required nomination submissions to generate the pool of potential recipients.

USGBC Wisconsin is proud to acknowledge and celebrate the five award winners for ReEnergize Milwaukee 2017. View our slideshare below to see the photos.

Occupant Engagement

The Occupant Engagement award highlighted the importance of communicating to and engaging occupants in implementing the building team’s energy efficiency initiatives to successfully reach the building’s energy reduction goals. Participants were self-nominated and asked to describe and document how their educational and outreach efforts resulted in successful energy, water, and waste reduction by building occupants.

Highland Community School, including team members Mike Casper, Director of Facilities and Maintenance, and Mike Steiner, Science and Natural Grounds Coordinator, were awarded the Occupant Engagement award for their work engaging the school’s students in energy efficiency efforts such as switching to more efficient light bulbs, turning off unused appliances, limiting paper waste by avoiding printing mistakes and the Solar Education Cart project.

ReEnergizer of the Year

The ReEnergizer of the Year award shed light on behind-the-scenes leaders, such as facility managers and building engineers, who exhibited extraordinary initiative in seeking out and implementing energy efficiency operations for their building. ReEnergizers were nominated by their team members.

Deon Sartin, an MATC Energy Engineering Technology-certified facility engineer for Wangard Partners, received the ReEnergizer of the Year award for his projects, including LED retrofit of parking lot lights, championing the use of Energy Star Portfolio Manager and drafting standard operating procedures and a sequence of operations for his buildings.

Energy Efficiency Project of the Year

The Energy Efficiency Project of the Year award highlighted specific projects within a BBC-MKE building that showcased innovation, incentive utilization and a high impact on energy use relative to investment. Buildings nominated their own projects for the award.

Two-Fifty won the Energy Efficiency Project of the year for their massive upgrades over the past year and a half, under the direction of General Manager Mark Nicholson and his team. Projects mentioned included the replacement of the parking structure lighting with LEDs with motion sensors that allow the lights to drop down to 30 percent when no motion is detected, a Building Automation System upgrade and elevator modernization that includes automatic lighting shutoff.

Outstanding Energy Performance

The Outstanding Energy Performance award recognized the building with the most significant source energy use intensity reduction in 2016 compared to the building's baseline year, as determined based on data submitted through Energy Star Portfolio Manager.

The 2500 W. Layton Medical Building reduced its source energy use intensity by 34.8 percent since its baseline of 2008, earning it the Outstanding Energy Performance award. Energy efficiency efforts that have contributed to the buildings success have been spearheaded by Terry Gallant, Real Estate Manager, CBRE Inc., as an agent of FEAP of Milwaukee, LLC, and include LED lighting, increased roof insulation, new windows, a more efficient HVAC unit and an energy assessment and operation review through the Better Buildings Challenge.

People's Choice

The People's Choice Award celebrated the value of community and networking that the Better Buildings Challenge provides. Participants who engaged in interviews with BBC-MKE staff to share their experiences and progress to support and assist others in reaching their building’s energy reduction goals were featured on a display at the event and made eligible for award voting by attendees.

The winner was CityCenter @ 735, based on how well it exemplified the Better Buildings Challenge as a whole, as perceived by event attendees. The award was accepted by the building’s BBC-MKE representative, Sheldon Oppermann, Executive Vice President, Compass Properties, LLC.

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