Dr. Shawn Hunter shares his thoughts on the importance of life cycle assessment.

In the built environment, we tend to focus on the end result of the work we do—the building, the space or the community. But what about the impact from what happens before the building is constructed, or after it is no longer in use? This more holistic thinking is becoming the norm, and it’s called life-cycle assessment, or LCA.

For this edition of Changemakers, USGBC talks with Dr. Shawn Hunter, the Global Product Sustainability Leader for the Dow Chemical Company. In this role, he oversees product stewardship and sustainability efforts for building and construction. Not only does Hunter have a deep understanding of life cycle assessment, but he puts it into practice every day. 

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Takeaways for changemakers

Hunter strives to use the power of business and technology to transition all of us to a prosperous society that lives within the means of the planet.

Things you can do right now:

  • Want to learn how LCA thinking has affected LEED v4, the latest version of LEED? Take a look at the credits and options that address LCA at the building and product level.
  • Check out the LEED v4 User’s Guide to learn more about how the materials section has evolved from LEED 2009 to LEED v4.
  • For tips on how to live more sustainably at home, visit Green Home Guide.
  • Review courses on the Education@USGBC platform to learn more about materials, environmental product declarations and life cycle assessment.
  • You can also get free CE hours by taking our quiz based on the conversation you just heard and reading this article.

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