How do you find your calling and land that dream job? For some people, the answer may be obvious; but for others, especially those of us who are passionate about many things, the journey is more challenging. One thing is for sure: doing what you love is the pathway to true happiness and real success.

In today’s episode, we dive into this issue with four burgeoning changemakers. They’re young, ambitious and have a lot going on at USGBC. Dhruti Patel is part of the Global Community Engagement Advisory Group, Kristen Koehrn is a San Diego ADVANCE Ambassador, Bret Hanson is a Chapter Steering Committee Representative and Meghan Shannon is Chair of the Emerging Professionals National Committee.

We taped this show, so you can watch the video or listen to the podcast. Our conversation was short, but very sweet. Here’s a taste:

Dhruti: Sometimes you just have to take the leap of faith. Often, not many people realize what their passion is, but really figuring out what makes you wake up in the morning is the key to finding your dream job. Finding your passion and then just running towards it with everything you have—you’ll finally get there.

Kristen: Shane [Gring] talked about what you should do and what you must do, and he said we’re must-ing now. Because we’re doing what we know is right, instead of following what we think we should be following. I think the key to finding your ideal job and following your passion is following your instinct. On a day-to-day basis, make decisions by checking in with yourself and saying “Does this feel right?”

Bret: Culture is a big part of the millennial generation...Finding out your passion is huge, but also, what are your strengths?...I got involved with USGBC and was able to put my strengths to use and work with other organizations outside USGBC. Look for ways to put your strengths to use even if it’s just a hobby—it will make your life so much better and more fulfilling. 

Rukesh: I think that’s fantastic advice. Service is such a great channel through which you can find what you really want to do. 

Meghan: I entered the job market shortly before the recession. I had a job that I really enjoyed and I got laid off... I really got involved with volunteering and got really involved with USGBC, with AIA, volunteered at my church... Any time I meet other young people and they’re looking for that dream job, I say, "Volunteer!" Whatever organization speaks to you, it gives you so many opportunities to learn what you really want to do. You can move in and out of things easier than you can with an actual paid position.

Rukesh: Exactly. Shadowing, right? If you’re not sure you want to go to medical school, maybe you want to go see what a doctor does? And I do want to qualify—we all talk about "dream jobs," but I think our dreams are constantly evolving. You may have a dream right now, but in a couple years that may change, and that’s okay.

Rukesh: Young professionals are such an important part of what makes this organization happen. How is USGBC engaging young people?

Bret: I’ve been involved with USGBC for a long time. The people that are not the young professionals anymore, the establishment, they have to look around and give opportunity to the young people and let them know that they can do it. We need to train them and make sure they’re coming up and ready to take on that responsibility.

Meghan: The Emerging Professionals National Committee has taken a close look at this and I think we’re on the right trajectory now with ADVANCE, where young people really have a voice in the movement.

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