Clayton Moses Audi

For the past seven years USGBC has made Greenbuild accessible to people who would otherwise not be able to attend through a scholarship program. At Greenbuild 2014, 156 individuals received some type of scholarship to Greenbuild. Scholarship recipients represent a diversity of people from around the world. Each has a story to tell. Each brings their own passion to their work. Each has a role to play in making green buildings and communities a reality for all.

As we lead up to Greenbuild 2015 in Washington, D.C., we will highlight a handful of the awesome individuals who joined us in New Orleans last year. We welcome these folks to the USGBC community and encourage you to follow their stories.

What is your hometown? Riverside, California

Where do you live now? Pasadena, California

Did you represent any USGBC partner organizations as a scholarship recipient? USGBC Students at Pasadena Community College

Tell us a little about yourself. My name is Clayton Moses Audi, a native of Kisumu, Kenya, residing in Pasadena, Calif. My family migrated to America from Gaborone, Botswana, through Southend-On-Sea, England, until we arrived in Riverside, California. I am a student majoring in Physics and Mathematics at Pasadena City College. I became involved with USGBC through our campus USGBC faculty and mentor Miss Sandy Lee. Through her inspiration and motivation for all things green, I became involved in USGBC, earned my LEED Green Associate credential and became a NABCEP (North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners) certified individual in 2014. I'm involved with Astronomy and Mathematics professor Dr. Sepikas on a telescope motorisation program using the Raspberry Pi, Python, Mathematica, ArangoDB, Javascript, and HTML5.  My interests in life activities lie in several industries. Embeddable systems, Photovoltaic systems, AI & Robotics, Astronomy, Cryptography, and Mathematics.

Who would you invite to your dream dinner party? My grandfather

If you could be a superhero, who would you be? Richard Matthew Stallman or John Herschel Glenn, Jr.

What drove you to apply for the Greenbuild scholarship? I applied for the Greenbuild scholarship to come to finally understand sustainability as defined by current times. Greenbuild would prove a mentality to understand that a future exists through climate change. 

I applied to Greenbuild to learn and experience it all. I applied to be and understand what was becoming larger each day. I came to understand why the green family existed. I applied to be with a people who understood the looming changes caused by climate change. The climate has changed dramatically from carbon dioxide emissions, aerosols, and cement manufacturing. The changes humanity has caused to our environment since the Industrial Revolution to modern times has far exceeded changes that took place in previous time periods. To be among the people who understood these changes motivated me to apply.

The thing that inspired me the most at Greenbuild was: Green = value. These were words written by David Gottfried in the TalentFX room.

The most interesting thing I learned at Greenbuild was: that through meditation, one can extend the length of telomeres increasing cell and human life.

The most fun I had at Greenbuild was: the night of Greenbuild Celebration.

The coolest person I met at Greenbuild was: David Gottfried

What are your next steps or aspirations after attending Greenbuild? The next steps: push further and ask for continued growth, action, development, inspiration and innovation. We are to take what we learned and experienced and infuse it into our daily life. We are called to make healthy green living a part of our daily existence.  I take this call to extend myself and all that I do with tinctures of healthy living infused into every part of my being, creation, and living. Greenbuild came to show not only sustainability, but a sustainability movement which needs to be addressed today. Green building is a movement and a family. A family in which I will do my part to ensure the land we live in grows beyond what I do

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