Lisa Bishop

The Campus Conservation Nationals kicks off next week, and the competition is going to be fierce. Campus Conservation Nationals is a national residence hall electricity and water reduction competition that encourages colleges and universities to save energy and water. For the 2012 competition, rival schools will compete against peer schools to see which campus can have the greatest energy reductions.

A great example this year is the rivalry between Western Carolina University and Appalachian State University. Starting Feb. 13, WCU and ASU will compete in the “Battle of the Plug,” to see which university can reduce the most electricity in a three-week period.
The battle builds on our institutions’ shared commitment to promote sustainability on our campuses and combines the spirit of our annual football game, the “Battle for the Old Mountain Jug.”

ASU and WCU have a long history of competition. With both institutions located in moonshine country in the Appalachian Mountains, and their rivalry stems from the football teams, who compete in the “Battle of the Old Mountain Jug” each year. This tradition began in 1976, and the winner of the football game gets to take home a trophy that is a replica of an old moonshine jug for the year. The “Battle of the Plug” builds on the history of competition to extend beyond the football field and into the residence halls.

Our students are really excited about the energy competition; mainly because the Old Mountain Jug trophy has not spent much time on WCU’s campus (ASU usually beats us in football). In this year’s competition, we feel like we have a good chance to beat ASU at the Battle of the Plug, and CCN makes the rivalry fun.

We’re looking forward to see who brings home the plug!