Fleming Roberts

USGBC is proud to announce its participation and support of the 2016 Daylight Hour, an annual social media campaign organized by the Building Energy Exchange. On June 17, we will join offices around the world in raising awareness about the use of natural daylight in lieu of electrical lighting. 

Last year, over 300 offices around the world joined in and dedicated one hour to turn off the lights in daylit spaces, saving money and demonstrating their commitment to the environment. Through displaying their participation on social media, they reached over 6 million people in 14 countries. They also saved enough energy to power 15 New York households for a year. 

Daylight Hour seeks to raise awareness about a simple way to be more sustainable at work—turning off unnecessary lighting. By using natural light when possible, particularly in the afternoon, offices can save money and energy, as well as promote occupant well-being and increase productivity. Daylight Hour is a fun way to engage employees, promote sustainable practices and applaud others on a global network. 

Will you join USGBC and use daylight on June 17 at noon? Use #DaylightHour to let people know!

Learn more about Daylight Hour