Dwayne Sperber

Sponsored article: A Milwaukee apartment complex won the Wisconsin Urban Wood Utilization Award from Wudeward Urban Forest Products.

Mandel Group, HGA, and C.D. Smith Construction, who together made up the project team for the DoMUS apartment complex in Milwaukee’s Historic Third Ward, have been awarded the first Wisconsin Urban Wood Utilization Award as part of USGBC Wisconsin's Transformation Awards program.

The Wisconsin Urban Wood Utilization Award is a sponsored award category presented by Wudeward Urban Forest Products and funded in part by a grant from the USDA Forest Service. To be presented on Thur., June 21, at the Milwaukee County War Memorial Center, the Transformation Awards recognize sustainability leaders who are driving market transformation within Wisconsin’s built environment.

Mandel Group, the DoMUS owner and developer; HGA, the project architect; and C.D. Smith Construction, the general contractor, worked alongside Wudeward Urban Forest Products, a commercial supplier of Wisconsin Urban Wood lumber, to source, design and install American elm shelving for the luxury apartment units, community room and lobby.

Urban wood comes from trees where we live—on streets, in parks, on residential land and commercial properties. When the trees have to be removed due to failing health, damage or construction, they are processed into lumber instead of sent to a landfill. Using Wisconsin Urban Wood assures buyers that the wood originated from Wisconsin and passed through an entire supply chain of Wisconsin-based people and businesses to arrive as the final product. The process not only reduces waste, it also benefits the local economy.

Throughout the course of the project, sustainable sourcing drove the design, specification and application of Wisconsin Urban Wood, according to Dwayne Sperber, owner of Wudeward Urban Forest Products. The team created a case study based on the project, which includes tips for developers on seeking to reuse urban wood in large volumes.

Download the case study